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Products from Mango

Mango bars Mango candy Mango Juice Mango Jam Mango essence Canned Pulp
Mango Bar
Mango bars are made from a variety of popular mango pulps; it is an excellent source of vitamin A and C, potassium, fiber and beta carotene.

Mango bars are very famous mainly because it tastes like eating a mango, which comes handy and is available even in off season.
Mango bar These bars taste delicious and hence they are also used in mixing it with milk and cream for that flavor.

They are hundred percent natural, with no added sugar or sweeteners, gluten free which are suitable for vegans.

It is less messy unlike the real fruit, where you can have it in your office desk and have whenever you want.
It is a natural energy boosting bar, which can be had before and after work outs. It is a readily available source of glucose.

Mango candy
Candies are generally referred to as sweets or confectioneries. It is a familiar food treat available in different varieties and flavors.

This type of candy comes under the hard candies category; they are hard in texture, which is boiled till hard.

These mango candies have the richness of real, juicy sweet mangoes. When you pop in one mango candy, take your time, roll it around in your mouth, feel the real taste of mangoes go down your throat.

You can eat them anywhere and everywhere, but do remember to enjoy it very slowly!!
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Mango drink
Mango juices are generally processed from the fresh and natural ripe alphonso mangoes that are procured from the finest of orchids. Processed mango juice has a delicious taste with the natural aroma of the finest of mangoes - the alphonso.
These fruit drinks are free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and other synthetics.

These juices taste really tangy and refreshing and you wont get the feeling that it is a processed fruit drink.

Since it is a processed one, it does not innate nutrients, because it is being processed in such a way that it retains its nutrients as such, hence it will contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals it had naturally.
Mango juice
It is a real boon for all the mango lovers, because once it becomes off season it becomes very difficult or rather we can say no chances of getting a mango to relish on, so these kind of processed mango fruit drink comes in as saviors to all the mango craze people to quench their mango thirst.

Squash is a concentrated form of a fruit drink, where you can use two spoons full to a glass of water, dilute it and drink.

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Mango Jam
Jam, is loved by everyone irrespective of the age and especially by the kids. Mango jams have the natural real flavor, which are considered as the perfect topping for a morning toast, which is nutritious, filling and tasty as well. And to top it,
Jams made with mangoes, hmmmm it's like a plum over a rich cheese cake. Sounds yummy, right? Yes, mango jams are yummy as well.
There are range of delectable flavored jams and jellies which are manufactured from fresh fruits without the use of harmful preservatives and flavor enhancers it retains and possesses all the nutritional value of the fruit.
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Mango essence
  1. The mango essence is manufactured by capturing the fresh fruit's aroma and flavor.

  2. The essence is obtained by extracting the volatile aromas from the pulp through condensation.

  3. The powerful sensory qualities of this mango essence make it perfect for adding natural fruit taste, flavour and aroma to snacks, frozen delicacies, beverages and confectioneries.

  4. When it is added as a flavoring agent, it does its job, great!! It gives an amazing real taste to the product to which you add it.

Canned mango pulp or slices
Before canning the mango undergoes several unit processes such as sorting, washing, peeling and so on. Generally peeling is done manually and the delicate pieces alone are packed in sterilized cans or tins.

You can use these pieces in mango juices, shakes, puddings or convert them into some other processed food product. You can enjoy the mouth watering taste of the real mangoes in the form of fruit pulp, all round the year.

These tinned or canned pulp or slices are very tasty to consume, as they have been packed by stringent quality control methods.


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