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"Fruit is definitely on the maintenance diet. It's on the lifestyle diet."

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Fruit is the part of floret plant that produce edible fruits contains different taste and also used to prepare desserts and lots of fruit recipes. The Site contains a variety of fruits listed in Tropical fruits, Exotic fruits, Accessory fruits and Hybrid Fruits. The List of all fruits from A to Z contains the whole information about the fruit in full list page. We have a classification of fruits with uses. Fruits grown in different countries in different season and months are mentioned in this site. Nutritional facts with values and health benefits of all fruits are listed. We have many articles, gallery, glossary that helps to get knowledge. We have fruit quiz, kids game and social media that provide fruit information.

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Special fruits for this week



Cantaloupe are served as fresh fruit or as salads or as a dessert with ice cream (Read more)



kiwifruit will be fairly large and plump with thin "fuzzy" brown skin   (Read more)



Pineapple fruit is native to the Asian tropics, with a delicate and fresh fragrance   (Read more)