Best Fruits to Eat Before Going to Sleep

Are you striving hard to get some sound sleep? A good sleep has many health benefits like strong immune system, glowing skin and increased brain activities etc. It also avoids premature death and reduces the threat of heart diseases. Due to our hectic lifestyle, many of us may find it hard to sleep for hours. There are varieties of sleeping pills available in market. Regular intake of those pills may lead to hazardous side effects.
Then the question may arise on how to deal with this problem in a natural way. Consuming certain fruits will induce your sleep hormones and acts as natural remedy to any kind of sleeping problems. Fruits have a whole lot of health benefits, regulating the sleep-wake cycles is one among them. They provide valuable phytochemicals which reduces the risk of any physical illness. The good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber in fruits helps to reduce the body heat and maintain a healthy metabolism. Fruits can easily speed up your bedtime and it can help the people to overcome the habitual sleeplessness diseases like insomnia.


cherry fruit

Cherries have enriched sources of melatonin; a sleep-promoting hormone which regulates the circadian rhythm and helps you to get restful sleep. Cherries contain sleep inducing complex nutrients. It also has essential vitamins, minerals and amino acid which makes the mind and body get ready for sleep. Generally, low calorie diet induces sleep faster. The raw cherry fruits are low in calories that aids you deep sleep.
A glass full of tart cherry juice twice a day boosts the melatonin intake and makes you fall asleep quickly while reducing the effects of jet lag. Having a handful of cherries before going to bed may help you to get some sound sleep. Cherries also help you to fight calcium deficiency which is considered to be one of the reasons for difficulties to fall asleep.
Tired of taking raw fruits? You can try to make delicious cherry recipes like cherry pudding, ice creams and milk shakes etc.

Other health benefits of cherries

• Memory booster – According to researchers, Cherries contain enormous antioxidants which boost up the memory of Alzheimer patients and help them to recover fast.
• Reduces aging of skin – The skin aging process can be slowed down by drinking cherry juice.
• Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis is considered to be one of the painful disease. Regular consumption of tart cherry juice reduces the discomfort joint pain and gives you a great relief

Passion Fruit

passion fruit

Sometimes, your sleeping habits may get disturbed due to anxiety, frustration and other psychological disorders. At such times, fruits act as a great stress busters, it helps you to relax your mind and have a deep sleep. One such fruit is Passion fruit, also known as granadilla. It contains medicinal alkaloids which reduces the blood pressure and acts as a sedative which induces sleep. The sedative compound Harman in passion fruit reduces anxiety and relaxes the mind and body.
Two main types of passion fruits are cultivated widely, namely purple and yellow cultivars. The passion fruits contains good source of dietary fiber that regulates the fluid balance in the body and improve bone mineral density. A well ripen passion fruit can be eaten fresh or you can make it as a healthy refreshing drink. It can also be added in fruit salads, sauces and syrups.


grapes fruit

Generally, your sleep cycle may get disturbed due to lack of secretion of melatonin hormone which is a great sleeping aid. Adding grapes to regular diet helps you to boost this hormone in human brain's pineal gland. It regulates the sleep- wake cycles and eases the sleeping process. Proper secretion Melatonin hormone may also help in avoiding other sleeping disorders like jet lag, delayed sleep phase syndrome and insomnia.
Grapes are the great source of many essential nutrients. Anthocyanins, a falvonoid compound in black grapes reduces cell damage and act as natural antioxidants. It also has a higher concentration of polyphenols which minimizes the cardiovascular disease threats. Grapes can be consumed fresh, raw, and dried as raisins. Having grapes before bed might help you to sleep deeper without any disruptions.


banana fruit

Some of you might experience discomfort in your joints and muscles which causes severe pain. It is really hard to get a peaceful sleep at such painful moments. You might have been taking sedative drugs that act as a muscle relaxant which reduces the body pain. But regular intake of those drugs may cause serious health issues. Banana has an abundant resource of magnesium and potassium which act as a natural muscle relaxant. Hence it can reduce the body pain, joint pain and gives great relief to those who suffer from nightly periodic limb movements. It also has great source of melatonin and tryptophan amino acid which helps you to get effortless sleep.

Kiwi Fruit

kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruits are high in vitamin C, E and they are excellent source of dietary fiber. It has large amount serotonin, which triggers the sleep hormones. It is really hard to absorb the serotonin from other food sources since it does not cross the blood brain barrier easily. Hence, regular intake of kiwi fruit increases the serotonin content and raises the quality and duration of time taken for sleep. The antioxidant properties of Kiwi fruit also increases the immunity level of the body and protects it from dreadful diseases.


grape fruit

It is a proven fact that lycopene, an antioxidant, improves the way of sleeping a lot. Grape fruit is one of the good sources of lycopene which promotes a healthy sleep cycle. Drinking a glass of grape fruit juice before going to bed helps you to get better sleep without tossing and turning around.
It also contain tryptophan, a chemical which secretes after a big meal that makes you sleepy. Hence, grape fruits can regulate the sleep cycles way a lot better. It has absolutely no side effects as the minerals from grapefruit are easily soluble in water which can be easily flushed out from the body.


pineapple fruit

Pineapple is used widely to treat digestive and inflammation problems. So, how come it will help you to get good sleep? It has abundant source of melatonin which increases the serum levels, especially for males. The digestive enzyme named bromelain in pineapple helps to relieve stiffness, muscle pains and also reduces inflammations. Hence it soothes the body pain and provides a natural way to sleep better. It acts as a great medicine for fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal pains which are the major causes for problematic sleep cycles.


orange fruit

Oranges are considered to be the world's healthiest food. The great source calcium and vitamin B in oranges produces melatonin efficiently and relaxes your body quickly. Hence, it can be used effectively to treat any kind of sleep related problems. An orange can fulfill up to 72% of daily requirement of vitamin C. It can also be used effectively to treat constipation, hair loss, rheumatic arthritis and diabetes etc. You can even try blood oranges in early spring season, since it has richer antioxidant content.


pomegranate fruit

Pomegranate, commonly referred as "Divine Fruit" is used in ayurveda to maintain a balanced level of body temperature. It has lot of nutrients like vitamin c, potassium and antioxidants. Due to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, it can be used to prevent many infectious diseases. Pomegranate has enriched vitamin c nutrients which is the key for optimal sleep. Consuming more amount of pomegranate promotes healthy sleep patterns and helps you to sleep effortlessly.


strawberry fruit

Strawberry is not only a popular artificial flavor, but also a good sleep inducer. Strawberry is packed with many nutrients like vitamin c, calcium, folate, potassium, manganese and dietary fibre. You can snack on a bowl of strawberry before bed which boost up the sleep regulating melatonin that paves way to have a good sleep.

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