Famous fruit festivals around the world

Fruits have become the reason for celebration all around the world. Different colors, shapes and sizes with mouth watering tastes, each of the fruits deserve to be celebrated. Many people all over the world are conducting different fruit festivals that are being celebrated year after year. Below is a small list of fruit festivals from all around d the world.

The Pineapple Festival of Thailand

Every year on June 2nd, falls the pineapple festival of Thailand. The people of Thailand have been celebrating the pineapple festival for decades together. The festival involves celebration with dance shows, agricultural fairs, and decorated pineapple fruit carts exchange of fruits and so on. A lot of games and fun activities are organized in the festival. Pineapples are given as prizes for all the winners of the games. The pineapple festival in Thailand is more of a fun and fare event where people of Thailand have fun celebrating the fruit and season of pineapples.

Festival of Thailand

The Pumpkin Festival Germany

Germany celebrates the fruit pumpkin for almost two long months. More than 500 species of pumpkins are displayed for the festival. The people of Germany conduct a pumpkin boat race. The winning pumpkins are smashed at the end of the festival. About 400000 different species of pumpkins are displayed in the festival in total.

Festival of German

The Mango festival of India

Mango is known as the king of fruits in India. There are about 500+ varieties of mangoes grown in India. And this certainly calls for celebration. The people of India are fond of the mango taste and try to cook various recipes from mangoes. In the start of July month, The New Delhi Tourism and transportation Development Corporation, organizes the International Mango festival. Farmers from all over India gather at this International Mango festival to share varied experiences. All the types and varieties of mangos that are grown are displayed in the event. Traditional dance performances and songs are sung throughout the event in praise of the famous king of fruits – the mango, as popularly known in India.

Festival of India

Cranberry festival in Canada

The cranberry festival in Canada is conducted as a after party for thanksgiving. Live entertainment, mini bogus tours via helicopter is all conducted during the cranberry festival. Many types of cranberry juices, sauces, syrups and foods are featured in the cranberry festival of Canada.

Festival of Canada

The Marino Grape Festival of Italy

One of the oldest fruit festivals is the grape festival of Italy. Since 1925, this festival is held every year on the first Sunday of October. This festival celebrates grapes that are used for making wine. As a mark of celebration, people of Italy prepare 3k liters of white vine. The city and the festival area is decorated with flowers, vines, lanterns and grapes. On the day of the Marino grape festival in Italy, the famous water fountain show is conducted with wine instead of water. Sculptors are feed with grapes, in the blind belief that happiness and prosperity will remain in the land forever.

Festival of Italy

The Orange Festival in Amsterdam

The orange festival is celebrated in Amsterdam on the big day which is known as "The orange day", Queen's day or King's day. Everybody on this day dresses up in orange in celebrating the king's birthday. Balloons, dresses, boats are all in orange marking the celebration of the fruit on the king's birthday.

Fruits are delicious supplements that anyone can take for a good health. Natural items as they are, they certainly require celebration all over the world. With these many festivals, many more will evolve over time marking the celebration of each and every fruit in various parts of the world. Different fruits come in different seasons and each of these seasons should be the reason for their celebration.

Festival in Amsterdam

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