Pesticides removal process-Fruits and Veggies

Tricks to take out Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables that we eat daily may contain pesticides, irrespective of what type of fruit or vegetable it is. Used during the crop cultivation, in some cases it may remain as residues. A random testing was conducted on fruits and veggies by some advocacy groups and NGO’s, and the findings revealed that high amounts of pesticide residues were found in them. With that said, these residues are toxic enough to cause severe disorders. Many feel that washing it water will help in the removal process; however water alone will not do it.

remove-fruits-pesticidesEven as the government takes steps to sensitize farmers and vendors on the note of side effects of using pesticides, health care professionals advise consumers to look out for alternatives like organic food. Despite the fact that, the presence of pesticide residue in food produces does not mean that they create a great health risk, it is highly recommended that you be careful of what you buy and where you buy such that it is not going to affect you in terms of health. Here’s how to remove most of the pesticides on the fruits and vegetables you eat.

  • Wash it right
  • Vinegar soak
  • Blanch and peel

A substantial amount of pesticides present in the surface of the produce can be removed by washing it right. Washing all your fruits and vegetables with salt water will remove most of the residues that appear on the surface of the food. With cold water wash, just about 75 to 80 percent residues are removed. Be sure to wash it thoroughly. If it has stems and crevices, then concentrate on those areas as well.

Vinegar Soak

As far as soaking your fruits and veggies in vinegar are concerned, it is good to execute it in a mixture. Use 10 percent white vinegar and 90 percent water, stir and rinse them thoroughly. While washing berries, be careful because its thin peel might damage the outer-skin.

Blanch and Peel

This is one of the easiest techniques of removing pesticide residues, for a short duration; treat your vegetables in warm water and peel of the outer layer. Doing so will completely remove the residues

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