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‘Look-East’ policy has started bearing fruits

As the India-Asian free trade agreement (FTA) has to be finalized by June 2006, the ministry of commerce has the Herculean task of operational out the details, counting identification of key exports & imports and the rates of responsibility to … Continue reading

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India eyes new markets for its ‘king of fruits’

NEW DELHI: India, the world’s largest mango maker, is set for a big push to sell its succulent “king of fruits” to countries like Japan and the United States, officials say. The mango is inhabitant to India, which grows 12mn … Continue reading

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Let’s Start Promoting Fruits and Vegetables like the Europeans Do

They have the right idea over in Europe. Let’s start cheering people to eat more fruits and vegetables. Although Europeans are eating worse now than they did 47 years ago — with diets too rich in sugar and saturated fats, … Continue reading

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‘Eat a rainbow’ of fruits and vegetables every day

Research has shown that many fruits and vegetables contain phytonutrients, special compounds that have all kinds of good healthy benefits capable of everything from improving eyesight to reducing the risk of cancer. The chemical names and biological processes of these … Continue reading

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Hazardous ripening of fruits

Reportedly, for last few years in succession fruit traders are engaged in the dangerous practice of spraying chemicals on fruits and even injecting the same on them to give these a very premature ripe look to enhance their appeal to … Continue reading

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