5 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

5 Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is a tropical fruit which is best in hot and humid climate. The fruit is known for having more than 96% water content. It makes you feel full and increases your metabolism. The fruit can be eaten raw or added in our daily fruit salads. Apart from being a nutritious fruit it has many amazing health benefits. The five best health benefits of cucumber are mentioned below.

  • Cucumber for Eyes

All of us might have seen celebrities and actors placing cucumber on their eyes. Surprisingly, this trick actually works. Cucumbers are cooling agents and help to refresh the skin around the eyes. It also helps in lightening dark circles. In addition, it also provides moisture to the skin.

  • Cucumber for Bad Breath

Cumber are also known to freshen your breath. A slice of cucumber must be taken and placed at the roof of your moth for about 2 minutes. The fruit kills all the bacteria in your mouth which causes bad breath and refreshes your breath.

  • Keeps you hydrated

Cucumber is known to be rich in water content. Almost 96% of the fruit is water. This makes the fruit nutritious and it also helps a person feel full. Eating a cucumber will keep you hydrated throughout the day. It can be eaten raw or it can be added in salads and eaten.

  • Prevents Constipation

Cucumbers seeds help in constipation. If a patient is suffering from constipation cucumbers can do the trick. If the patient is suffering from constipation in a regular basis then cucumbers can be added on his diet list. It is a healthy fruit with no side effects.

  • Helps diabetic patients

For many years cucumber is consumed by diabetic patient.  Cucumber has certain carbohydrates that can be digested easily by the diabetic patients. Hence, When they eat cucumbers it keeps their glucose level in check.

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Unusual Fruit Facts


Fruits are a source of healthy vitamins and nutrients. They are a tasty healthy treat for the body. We often eat fruits but there are a lot of interesting facts about fruits which we have no idea about. Here are some interesting facts about fruits.

  1. Cranberries can bounce.

Cranberries are also called as bounce berries. It is said that when the fruit is ripe it bounces neatly. When cranberries are plucked and bought in the factory they are tested using this bouncing property to find out if the fruit is ripe or not.

  1. All berries are not berries.

The fruits which we knew as berries for the longest time are not actually berries. Strawberries and raspberries are not berries scientifically. A real berry is one which is formed with a ovary of one flower with a single seed or a bunch of seeds inside the flesh, but strawberries on the other hand have seeds outside the fruit. Other fruits like Banana, Avocado, Kiwi, Watermelon etc are berries.

  1. Some vegetables which are actually fruits.

There a lot of fruits which we assumed to be vegetables. Some fruits like tomatoes are usually assumed to be tomatoes but they are actually fruits. Other fruits which are assumed to be vegetables are Olives, Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber etc.

  1. Apples used to ripen other fruits.

Apples have so many other benefits apart from being healthy .One of its benefits is ripening other fruits. Apples produce ethylene gas. Ethylene is also called as ripening gas .It is used to ripen fruits and hence apple has the natural ability to ripen other fruits .Other fruits which exhibit this property is pear.

  1. Japanese farmers grow square shaped watermelons.

The Japanese farmers started growing square shaped watermelons to save space. The main aim to grow these watermelons was so that it fits inside small refrigerators. But these watermelons are really expensive. The farmers grow the watermelons in a box shaped container and the fruit assumes the box shape.

  1. A pomegranate holds up to one thousand seeds.

The number of seeds in a pomegranate can vary from one fruit to another. Smaller pomegranates will have less seeds whereas bigger pomegranates will have more seeds. But it is said that pomegranate can hold up to 1000 seeds.






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5 Fruits you have not heard of


When you walk through a fruit shop you see a variety of fruits. Some of them you know, some of them you have heard of and some you have no idea about it. There are other fruits which are not easily available and you have no idea about. These fruits can be expensive but they taste heavenly. Here are 5 fruits you probably have never heard of.


Durian is big sized fruit with a hard cover and big thorns. The fruit has edible flesh which is divided in layers. The fruit has bad odor and the smell is usually compared to gasoline or rotten onions. The fruit has a sweet creamy taste. As the fruit gets ripper the flesh becomes less fibrous. It is usually found in the South Asian countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.



Longan is one of the most expensive fruits in Asia. It is a small to medium sized fruit. The fruit has brown prickly skin with white translucent edible pulp. It is said to have really sweet and mysterious taste. The fruits native is China and India. It is mostly found in South East Asian counties like Thai land. The fruit can be seen growing between winter and spring.

Sugar apple:

Sugar apple is also called as the custard apple. It is a green scale fruit. The creamy flesh is segmented and each segment has a black seed. The flesh tastes creamy and sweet. The fruit comes from Central America. One can find these fruits growing in tropical regions along the mid summer season.

Star Fruit:

 Star fruit is a unique fruit which is yellow in color. It is shiny and translucent. The fruit has five ridges and hence when sliced the pieces are star shaped. The fruit had a little citric and sweet taste. It is available around the year all seasons. The fruit comes from Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia. It is grown mostly in South Eastern Asia. It is not easily available in markets.


Mangosteen is a round fruit which has burgundy purplish thick skin. The flesh is soft and juicy. The fruit is really sweet and hence is added is a lot of desserts. The flesh must be carefully removes as the skin may leave purple stains. If the fruit is ripe it is easier to remove the skin. The fruit comes from Malaysia and Indonesia. It is also grown in The Caribbean and Central America.


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Lemon As A Cleaning Agent


Lemon is a sour tasting juicy fruit. It belongs to the citrus family. The fruit is acidic in nature. Lemon fruit is packed with nutrition’s and also contains huge amount iron, calcium and other essential nutrients. It is added in almost every Indian dish specially pickles. Lemon fruits can not only be used for adding flavor to your dishes but also help to clean your household items and remove stains in your clothes. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent which helps in cleaning.

Cleaning Copper and Stainless utensils:

Copper and stainless steel Utensils look beautiful when they are shiny and polished. When time goes by and if the utensils are not maintained they lose their shine and look dull. An easy solution to clean these copper vessels is by using LEMON.

The lemon juice is taken in a bowl and the utensils must be scrubbed using a scrub soaked in lemon juice. This helps to remove any dirt in the vessel and brings back some shine in the vessel.

Washing Dishes:

There may be situations when you are out of detergent and you need to wash the dishes. In these situations a lemon can do the trick. Lemons can be used to make your dishes cleaner than ever. They remove any strong odor from the dishes and leaves it clean and smell free.

The dirty dish is taken and the small piece of lemon is cut and used as a scrubber to scrub the dish. The dish is then washed and cleaned.

Cleaning Glass Windows:

Glass windows are prone to get spots and dust on it. Cleaning glass windows can be a difficult job. But lemons can be used to solve this problem. A lemon spray can be made and used for cleaning windows.

One lemon is taken and the juice is extracted in a spray bottle. Some amount of water is added and it is sprayed on the dirty windows and wiped using a towel.

Removing stains in Clothes:

Lemon is a bleaching agent and hence it is a good option for removing stains in your clothes. Using harsh chemicals may damage the material but lemon is all natural way of doing the task.

A lemon is taken and cut into half. The stained area is rinsed and the half piece of lemon is scrubbed on the area. Wash it and apply more lemon on the stain until the stain is cleaned.

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If you are a fruit lover or not, you would like to make the most of what you eat.Fruits are packed with nutrition and health benefits. Eating fruits on a daily basis helps a person to stay healthy and fit. But most of the people believe fruits can only be eaten. Although fruits are good for your health it can also be used for several other purposes. Quite often when we have fruit leftovers (e.g. peels), we tend to throw it away but from these leftovers we can extract some more benefits of the fruit.

Here are some fun ways to get a little extra from the fruits we have.


Some time back people used to buy candles for holiday seasons. Nowadays most people prefer making candles and using them. Homemade candles will add a unique touch to your house. Instead of throwing away those waste orange peels, it can be used to make a simple DIY orange candle.


  • Oranges
  • Knife
  • Olive Oil (or any kind of oil)
  • Spoon


  1. Cover the place where the candle is going to be made .The orange juice may cause a mess. Wash and prepare the oranges.
  2. Take a knife and cut the orange around in the middle. Try not to cut the flesh to avoid mess.
  3. Using a Spoon undermine the orange first. Then try to remove skin carefully so that it comes out with the white part which will act as the candle wick.
  4. Pour a little amount of olive oil in the orange peel and wait until the wick is soaked with oil.
  5. Light the wick and enjoy your homemade orange candle.
  6. If you wish to make if more attractive, take the other part of the orange peel. Cut a cute shape on it and close the candle with the other half.


People always try to find natural ways to get things done to avoid damage. Hair coloring using chemicals can damage hair. Fruits like blueberries, blackberries etc can be used to color hair. They are natural coloring methods and do not damage hair. The color is not going to be permanent.


Berries like Blackberries and blueberries can be used to get bluish/purplish hair color. The color depends on the amount of berries used, your hair type and the amount of time you leave it on your hair.



Pomegranates can be used to get red hair color. The dark red pomegranate is recommended for good results. The fruit is peeled and seeds are removed. The juice is extracted and boiled with a little amount of citrus juice .The mixture is applied and kept for a while and rinsed with cold water.



 Avocado can be used to get pink hair color. The Avocado fruit is not only good for hair but can also be used to color it. The fruit can be eaten and the peel is used to dye hair. The peel can be directly applied to the hair or blended and applied to the hair. The skin is pigmented when it’s ripe. Hence we get best results when the fruit is ripe.



 Walnut shells can be used to get dark brown hair color. The walnut shell is taken and crushed, cooled for about 30 minutes and the juice is taken. The juice    can be directly applied or boiled and applied for darker hair color.



Before applying any of the dyes Test if it is safe to use even though it is natural. Apply it to some strands and check if any irritation occurs. If not continue applying the dye else do not apply the dye.


Fruits are packed with nutrients and minerals which are not only used to maintain our body but also for healthy skin .Fruits are natural ingredients and will not harm our skin like the other harsh beauty products. Some of the best fruit packs for healthy skin are as follows.







  • Papaya
  • Honey



  1. Peel the papaya and blend its flesh into a smooth pulp.
  2. Add honey to the pulp and mix well.
  3. Apply the mixture on face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Wash your face and pat dry with towel.

The papaya fruit is filled with essential nutrients for glowing skin. Honey helps in smoothing the skin and removing acne. Apply fruit mask thrice a week for good results.







  • Tomato
  • Lemon


  1. Take one tomato and blend it into a pulp.
  2. Add few drops of lemon into the pulp.
  3. Apply it all over the face and let it dry for about 15 minutes.
  4. Wash your face with Luke warm water and pat dry using a towel.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and are great for healthy skin. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and can used for fairer glowing skin. Apply this fruit mask twice a week for good results.

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