Top International Fruit Festivals

1. Lemons roll around the Town of Menton


'Lemon' the bright yellow colour fruit has its own day which is celebrated by lakhs of people at the town of Menton, Annually. The Menton lemon festival at the French Riviera blossoms with the tourists from all over the world. The streets will be enormously filled with the lemon decorations to enchant the beauty of the celebrated holiday. More than 80 years old event starts during the late February and lasts over two weeks.
The history of this event is beautifully narrated by the legends of the City. It is said that this city is established in the place where Eve buried the lemon in the Garden of Eden. Thus, the lemon day is celebrated as a huge holiday in the City.
This festival happens according to the choosen theme every year. Thousands of lemons are used to build up different buildings and sculptures; oranges are also used along with the lemons to create a perfect blend of colours. Making of these about 10 metres tall structures requires hundreds of artists, tones of fruits and perfect handling of the displays.

Apart from all this many extraordinary activities are planned to entertain the visitors. The activities includes citrus displays, golden fruit parade, night time parade, arts and crafts, music, dance and many other entertaining events. During the every night of the event, lights are lit up to make the sculptures spark like glowing sun shine.

2. Orange splashes out with its bright colour

The battle of oranges is the largest food fight in the Northern Italian city of Ivrea. It is said to be an energy filled activity between two organized groups who throws oranges at each other. The guards wear an armor to protect themselves from the hits of the crowd.
The history of this battle is said to initiated, years back when a tyrant attempted to rape a miller's daughter during her wedding eve. In order to protect herself from the evil act she cuts off his head and later the people in the country burned the Palace. Every year a young lady is portrayed as Violetta, the miller's daughter; this is to indicate the mark against the evil.
The oranges are used to replace the stones and the weapons every year. The crowd is divided in to nine combat group and then start throwing the oranges on each other. The streets will be filled with the bright oranges; this event lasts for three days and ends up with a solemn funeral.

3. The melon capital Chinchilla is celebrating its 'Water melon festival'


How could anyone miss the splendid watermelon festival at Chinchilla? This town in Queensland, Australia is very famous for its exciting water melon festival which notices thousands of participants from in and around the country. The slides and the bounces of this fruit are celebrated every two year with all new activities with the intension to gear up the participants moods.
It was initially started in the year 1994 after the drought experienced in the early 1990's. The watermelon flesh triggers the taste buds to enjoy the fruit with full of fun. Watermelon Skiing is one the activities which rolls the participants with amazing fun.
Apart from this few unique activities are organized for the event; Photographic competition, Melon Chef, Melon Skiing, Melon Bungy, Melon Ironman and Melon Iron woman, Pip Spitting, Melon Feast, Melon Eating and few other free entertaining activities.

4. The King of the Fruits 'Mango'


The King of the fruits 'Mango' marked its way in the international fruit festival. The two days long event in Delhi, India is celebrated by displaying nearly 500 varieties of Mangoes. This event is organized by the tourism department of India, the main motive here is to develop tourism and educate people about the hidden facts and benefits of the mangoes.
This spectacular display of the mangoes notices thousands of visitors every year. Many activities associated to the mangoes are organized during the event. Few among them are quizzes, eating competition, shows for children, performances based on mangoes, slogan writing, mango tasting and many other interesting activities.

This festival also brings out the sales of different food items prepared using mangoes. Some of those are pickles, jams, chutneys, aam ras, aam panna, mango jelly and so on. This is done mainly to develop the production of the fruit.

5. Pineapples brushes its day at Gregory Town, Bahamas


The important export of the Bahamas fills the streets of the George Town with its amazing festival. The first festival was started at 1988 and celebrated every year with thousands of visitors from different corners of the world. This is initiated to celebrate the tradition of farming and to honor the extraordinary contribution of the farmers in the harvesting of the pineapples.
The gracefully decorated market pulls in the visitors to participate in the event and also to enjoy the fruit in different recipes. Pineapple eating contest, Little Miss Pineapple Pageant, 40-mile pineapple cycling classic, old time pineapple crazy sports and some other fun-filled activities makes the visitors to enjoy the festival thoroughly.

6. The rides of Bananas

The banana festival is celebrated at Sacramento every year and it lasts for two days. Many exciting activities like food contest, multi-cultural exhibits, marketplace and few other activities associated to the fruit have been perfectly organized and the educational program for more than 15,000 youths is the highlight of the festival.
The most adoring event will be the 'Little Mr. & Miss Banana Pageant, this activity is for all age kids from 0 to 12. This is entirely a fun filled activity which engaged the kid with different games. The winner will be provided with a certificate and a trophy from National Academic Youth Corp.

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