"Fruit is definitely on the maintenance diet. It's on the lifestyle diet."

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Edible flower

A group of flowering plants, which are most often used to garnish and enhance the appearance and flavor of various foods. The petals or the whole flower can be placed into, around, or on foods for the desired results. As another choice, the petals could be candied and served as a sweet addition with different types of food.


A small, sweet, purple berry, which grows on bushes that are often, found growing along roadsides. The berry could be hard to pick because of its small size, but sometimes a wide tooth comb may be used to gently remove the fruit from the stems. Elderberries are delicious in pies and also used to preserves and they are also used for making wine.

Elstar Apple

A medium to large sized apple that is bright red and sometime's yellow in color. It has a firm cream-colored flesh, which is sweet but tart flavor. Its firm flesh makes excellent applesauce. The elstar apple is also a great snacking apple. Endocarp.

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