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The species is extremely dioeciously, with male and female flowers on the different plants. It is a small deciduous tree, typically growing to the 8-15 m tall. This fruit, syncope of achene, is roughly spherical, but very bumpy, and 7-15 cm in the diameter and it is filled with a sticky white sap. Fall color is a bright yellow-green with a lovely faint orange odor.

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Aggregate fruit meaning

Aggregate means collection of small fruits. A fruit that contains a number of small fruits (fruitlets) is called an aggregate fruit. Fruitlets that are derived from a single flower are collectively called as etaerio. An aggregate fruit develops from the apocarpous ovary of a flower. The flower has multiple carpels which are not joined together and thus forms individual fruitlets on the same receptacle.

For example, the anemone has an etaerio of achenes, larkspur an etaerio of follicles, and blackberry an etaerio of drupes."

StrawberryWhy do Strawberries have the seeds on the outside?
What most people call seeds on the outside of the strawberry fruit are actually the true fruits. Technically, they are achenes. In an achene, the single seed is enclosed by the ovary wall. A sunflower fruit is also an achene. A strawberry "fruit" is unusual because the red, fleshy part is the enlarged receptacle. The receptacle is the enlarged tip of the flowering stem to which the petals, sepals, stamens and carpels are attached. The strawberry is said to have an accessory fruit because much tissue other than the ovary is part of the "fruit". Apples and pineapples are also accessory fruits. The strawberry is also termed an aggregate fruit because it is formed from many separate carpels of a single flower. Other aggregate fruits are raspberry and blackberry. Some people mistakenly refer to strawberries as a multiple fruit. In a multiple fruit, the carpels of several flowers merge to form the fruit. Pineapple and figs are multiple fruits.

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