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Ambarella Fruit

Introduction of Ambarella

            Scientific name - Spondias dulcis

Ambarella is a fast-growing tree, with edible fruit that contains a fibrous pit. Over more than a few weeks, the fruit fall to the land while still being green and hard, then turn golden-yellow as they ripen. The fruit is best when fully colored, although it may be eaten raw. In addition, it is also made into preserves and flavorings for stews, soups and sauces.

Spondias Dulcis- Ambarella, known by other common names like the Golden apple, Ambarella, Dwarf Golden Plum, Makok faring (in Thai)
With a crunchy flesh, the fruit may be eaten raw, but a little sour. In certain places unripe fruit of ambarella is eaten with salt, sugar, and chili, or with shrimp paste. In some places, they are dried and made into a spicy paste as a add-on to certain dishes.

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Nutritional Value of Ambarella

Water 60-85 gms
Protein 0.5 to 0.8 gms
Fat 0.3 to 1.8 gms
Sucrose 8 to 10.5 gms
Fiber 0, 853,60 gms
Pectin 10%
Kcal 46
Carb 12.4 g
Calcium 56 mg 5.7% RDI
Phosphorous 67 mg 6.7% RDI
Iron .3 mg 1.6% RDI
carotene (Vitamin A) 205 ug 4.1% RDI
Thiamine (B1) .05 ug 1% RDI
Riboflavin (B2) .02 ug
Vitamin C 36 mg 60% RDI

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Health Benefits of Ambarella

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arrow Treat mouth sores.

arrow Prevent from Diarrhea and dysentery.

arrow Treat itchy skin.

arrow Preventing diabetes.

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How to Open and Cut

An ambarella should be treated like a mango while cutting and you have to watch out for its big hairy pit. Since the fruit is no larger than an egg, it is quite possible to eat the fruit out of hand. Be mindful of the oblong pit in the middle part.

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Storage Process

If you've bought ambarellas that needs further ripening you can have them stored at room temperature. In a week's time it will be ripen. When kept in the refrigerator, it will come for weeks.

Even if the taste will not be negatively unnatural, be expecting the fruits to drop their golden luster at some stage in cool storage. Before consuming it, make sure that the fruit sits at room temperature for an hour: they will have a more full-bodied savor profile compared to cold fruits.

Note- Do not chill the fruits below 5C.

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