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Products from Apple fruit

Apple candy Apple jam Apple jelly Apple juice Apple pulp Apple concentrate

Candy as you all know is one of the processed product of any fruit, they might not be using the natural fruit for the processing, but definitely the flavoring they are going to use , is made from the fruit , that is its concentrate in dehydrated form.
Apple candy
A candy is a sugar based confectionery, made from concentrated sugar solution, to which they generally add the apple flavor, to produce yummy, mouth watering apple candies, which melts slowly in the mouth, with a rich taste of apple, for each and every swallow you do.

Though they are synthetic, quality branded candies are real and natural in taste. They give you the real taste of the fruit as such.

Since it is a product which has high concentration of sugar, bacteria or any other micro organisms will not be able to grow in candies.

Consequently, the shelf life of candies is longer than any other processed product of apple. It is applicable to only the hard candies, and not the soft candies which might not have a shelf life same as hard candies.

Apple Candy's are generally packed in various ways, from individual packing (twisted papers, wax papers, single sachet type) and candies packed in bulk in single packet.

Apple jams are usually made from the pulp and juice of the fruit. Jam contains both fruit juice and pieces of the fruit. The pulp or pieces and the juice are heated with sugar and water, to activate the pectin in the fruit.
Apple jam
A good jam has a soft and even consistency with good fruit flavor, bright color and a semi jellied texture, that is easy to spread over, but has no free liquid.

Apple jam has the fresh flavor of ordinary apples. This jam can be relished by spreading a generous amount over a slice of bread with cheese or butter.

All jams are processed in a boiling water bath to prevent mold growth. The hot boiling jam is poured directly in to the jars in to which they have to be packed and sealed, the container is sterilized well before this action, generally processors leave a head space of inch and then seal it.

Jams sealed aseptically has a long shelf life unlike homemade jams , it is due to the aseptic packaging at the same time the preservatives and amount of sugar used to prepare the jam, sugar itself acts as a preservative.

Apple jam has real flavor of apples. It is more or less like a pulped apple with bright color and flavor. These are healthy and safe to consume for kids as well, they just enjoy the real taste of apples in this form. These jams are generally packed in sterile bottles or tins and also in sachets which are in small amounts, most commonly it is packed in bottles and small plastic cups.

Apple Jelly is a semi solid food made from fruit juice, sugar and pectin. Generally the pectin present in the fruit should act as a gelling agent, but since it is insufficient to form a proper gel, pectin is added externally to help enhance the gelling capacity.

Apple jelly
It is a clear or translucent fruit spread, made from sweetened fruit juice and set using naturally occurring pectin present in the fruit or by adding pectin if it is inadequate. Flavoring and coloring is also added in order to enhance the quality and acceptability of the product.

Jelly's are packed either in plastic cups with a seal or in sterilized glass bottles or jars leaving half an inch of head space before placing the caps.

Apple jellies are manufactured using the clarified concentrate of the fruit. They have an excellent rich apple flavor which is soft and smooth which just slides from your mouth into the tract silkily.

Apple juice is one of the fruit juice which is manufactured by maceration and pressing of apples. The expelled juice is further processed by centrifugal and enzymatic clarification to remove the pectin and starch.

The resulting juice just holds the fine particulate in suspension which is then pasteurized for packing in glass, metal or aseptic processing system containers.

There is also unfiltered fresh apple juice without further processing which is also packaged and sold in markets, but generally when they refer to apple juice; they mean the clarified and pasteurized one, which is commonly known as apple cider.
Apple juice

Apple pulp is manufactured by picking fresh fruits, which are clean, sound and properly matured. The fruit and the pulp is processed and packed in accordance with proper manufacturing practices, following aseptic packaging.

The fruit as such as slices or as pulp is pre heated and then packaged. These kind of pulp or slices apples are mostly used in the processing of apple juice and then they are sold as such. Apple pulp is used in making of cookies, cakes, muffins and other such bakery products.

The slices of apple are also used in cakes or as a decorative in bakery products; they are also eaten as such. Since it is packaged in aseptic method, they generally have a long shelf life.
Apple pulp

Apple juice concentrate is generally produced by evaporating the fresh apple juice, which is extracted from farm fresh juicy apples. Fresh apple juice has a concentration of around 11 to 13 brix. Evaporating the fresh juice, yields a good apple concentrate.

This is very helpful for packaging and the same time reduces the spoilage, giving an extended shelf life.
Apple concentrate

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