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Citrofortunella mitis
Citrofortunella mitis is a hybrid variety of mandarin orange and kumquat. The fruits are sour and generally used for cooking.

Citrofortunella mitis is an evergreen plant. In winter it presumes a yellow coloring where the plants are mainly shrubs. The adult specimens of Citrofortunella mitis are medium in size and reach a height of 3 m. It grows erect and possesses a short stem with a small crown which is, usually round.

The tree is small, growing between 6.5 ft and 25 ft and fairly slender. It has an enormously deep taproot and cold hard citrus. It is quite cylindrical and densely branched starting very close to the ground. In the spring and summer Citrofortunella mitis blooms showing fragrant white or off-white flowers.

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Class: Eudicots
  • Order: Sapindales
  • Genus: Citrofortunella
  • Family: Rutaceae

Fertilize the shrubs periodically to obtain a florid development. Use the fertilizers rich in nitrogen and potassium in spring season as it might favor the development of new vegetation and flowerings. Add a good dose of slow release organic fertilizer to the soil surrounding the plant, at the end of the winter season. During spring it is good to add liquid or powder fertilizers to water and use it on the plant periodically while irrigating.

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