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Clementine’s can survive eaten fresh, now peel, as they are, or additional to a salad fruit. They can excessively be eaten in creams, ice creams, flans, cakes, cocktails, sauces… The relish of the clementines is commonly use to flavour cakes, sauces or fowl.


As well being tasty trimmings to things like salads or cakes, clementines are worth their weight in gold around the house. From cleaning limestone countertops to keeping flies away to even maintenance stray hairs in place, there is nearly no limit to what Clementine oranges can do. On top of that, they are a extraordinary deal during the winter months that they are in season.
Those countertops identify how hard they can be to clean. In fact, many people resort to using costly cleaners that are filled with potentially harmful chemicals.
Instead of such cleansing agents, homeowners preserve use clementines! When cut in half, lightly curved in in salt and then lightly scrubbed on the marble, the clementines competently and naturally remove stain from the surface.
Clementine oranges can level be used to keep vermin away. If cat owners find that their kitties are frequently chewing on their houseplants, they can stay the cats at bay by unevenness the leaves of the plants by means of the peels of clementines.

Scientific Name for Clementine: Citrus Reticulata

History and place of origination

The history of clementine is more of an accidental discovery than an intentional invention. An accidental hybridization between two fruits led to the discovery of clementine. This accident took place in the backyard garden of an orphanage that was taken care of Brother Clement Rodier who also happens to the man behind the discovery of the fruit. Thus this fruit was then named as Clementine both in English and in French. There is another theory behind the origination of this fruit, people claim that long before it was spotted in Algeria by Brother Clement Rodier, China was already enjoying a similar fruit. Clementine was very identical in taste and form to a fruit enjoyed by the Chinese known as Canton Mandarin. This fruit was widely vegetated in provinces of Guangxi and Guangdong in China.
This fruit that appears like an orange, is often confused many other varieties of oranges such as Satsuma, honey sweet orange or even Tangerines from Europe.

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Difference between mandarin orange, tangerines and Clementine

To clear the confusion, we are now going to read further simple characteristics that makes them stand apart as three distinguished fruits.
A comparison between mandarin orange, tangerines and Clementine is as follows.
Mandarin is an orange that is actually smaller than the original size of the orange. Having said that one needs to understand that tangerine and clementine are related to Mandarin oranges and belong to same family but different variant.
These fruits have originated from different parts of the world that not even remotely close to one another. Mandarins were originated in China where making China the largest producer and consumer of Mandarin oranges in the world. With a rise in number every now and then China takes pride in harvesting over 12 million tons of mandarin oranges every single year.
Talking about tangerines, they were introduced to the world in the year 1800's by North Africa to Europe. Morocco saw a large varietal growth of this fruit and exported the surplus to the other parts of Europe through the port of Tangier. Thus the name Tangerine came into being.
Addressing the elephant in the room Clementine, on the other hand in a petite fruit more like a seedless berry sized fruit. This fruit is a very popular fruit amongst is young crowd. Created by a French missionary in Algeria known by the name of Brother Clement Rodier.
One distinguishing factor that makes clementine stand apart from other similar fruits is that the fact that it is sterile, meaning it is a seedless fruit unlike other fruits.

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Nutritional value of Clementines



Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA


97 Kcal



25.0 g



1.50 g


Total Fat

0.20 g



0 mg


Dietary Fiber

10.60 g




30 µg



0.900 mg


Pantothenic acid

0.490 mg



0.176 mg



0.090 mg



0.120 mg


Vitamin C

136 mg


Vitamin A

420 IU


Vitamin E

0.25 mg




3 mg



212 mg




161 mg



92 µg



0.80 mg



22 mg



1 µg



0.25 mg


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Health benefits of Clementines

Health benefits of Clementines include relief from digestive troubles, better cardiovascular health, strengthened immune system and optimum balance of electrolytes in the body. The enriching nutrients present in Clementines contribute in building strong bones and supports in muscle contraction and relaxation. Furthermore, bioactive molecules present in Clementines make it an anti-cancer fruit and also contributes in smooth functioning of the brain.
Health benefits of Clementines
Some fruits are power packed with lot of nutrients yet they are small in size. Yes, size can be deceptive. One such fruit is clementine that is high on nutrition value and it helps relieving digestive disorders, helps in improving cardiovascular health and also aids in strengthening the immune system while enabling maximum balance of electrolytes in the body. Well this is not done yet, adding on to its benefits stronger bones and support in muscle contraction and relaxation can also be achieved by the help of nutirents present in clementine. This fruit is also known as anti-cancer fruit and helps in smooth functioning of the brain because of the bioactive molecules present in the fruit.
Power house of nutrition
Clementines are succulent fruits that are power house of nutrition value. The most important nutrients present in the fruit are the likes of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous. The intake of citrus fruit such as clementine helps in restoring body with the most essential vitamins such as vitamin C which is found in abundance and also folate to the body. Having mentioned all the benefits one can consume this fruit till its heart content as it is very low on calorie content and adds a lot of fiber to the diet

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Clementines Wonders

As already discussed the high nutrition value of Clementines, one needs to know what would be the benefits of consuming this low calorie delight. Post many researches and studies across the Globe, this fruit has proven to be a wonder fruit benefiting the body in more than one ways. Below mentioned are a few of many benefits your body gains by consuming clementines.
Beauty benefit : Vitamin C is advocated as one of the key mineral in improving and maintain a healthy skin. The anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C available in clementine helps in protecting skin against sun damage, that is the UV rays that harm the skin on being exposed to sun light. Keeping wrinkles at bay while keeping the skin youthful is something that vitamin C is renowned for. It not just helps you be beautiful on the outside, it also aids in repairing the damaged skin from within.
Helps in de-stressing (Combating depression)
Clementines have a natural folate and this folate helps in the smooth functioning of the brain while in turn lowering the stress levels and combating depression.
Immunity charger:
A healthy body indicates good immune system. Strong immune system means a body is ready to fight back many viruses that cause fatal diseases and ensures a disease resistant body. The anti oxidantspresent in the fruit also helps in protecting the body against harmful bodies and helps in releasing energy during the process of metabolism.
Calcium enabling stronger bones & Muscles
The presence of calcium and phosphorous content in the fruit indicates that regular consumption of this fruit will contribute to stronger bones and muscles in the body. Also this aids in smoother contraction and relaxation of muscles in the body.
Higher fiber content leads to better digestion-
Fiber content in clementine helps in absorbing all the nutrients from the body and put them in better use. The potassium present in the fruit helps in normalizing muscle contraction and relaxation which stimulates better movement of food and waste through their respective routes. Also the fiber content adds bulk to the stool and instigates better digestion.
Essence of aromatherapy Clementine oil
Clementine oil is usually used in therapies in uplifting moods and promoting a restful sleep. This oil is often used in spas and rejuvenation centers owing its purifying and pain relieving properties

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Precautionary measures

Clementine is a fruit that may have a lot of benefits attached to it but on the flip side of the coin, this fruit rich in citrus may not be suitable those prone to allergies. Symptoms such as lesions on the lips or tongue, tingling inside the mouth area on the inner side of the cheeks are some of the most prevalent indications of clementine allergy. One must use discretion before consuming this fruit.
Methods of consuming clementines
Clementines are zesty fruits adding the zing factor to one's diet. This fruit is a popular snack amongst American Kids, apart from that it is also a popular fruit amongst the rest of the population. It can be added to a bowl full of cereals, can be added to parfaits, can be used in making jams and can be also eaten with frozen yoghurt.
These are just a few of many methods of adding clementines to your diet.

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