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False Mastic

Introduction of False Mastic

            Scientific name - Sideroxylon foetidissimum

Scientifically known as Sideroxylonfoetidissimum, is a plant belonging to the Sapotaceae family. This dense growing plant is a native of Florida situated in the United States of America and it was also found in the Caribbean and parts of Northern and Central America. This fruit is a small fruit with a color of yellow and orange with a gummy pulp inside it.
The tree of a false mastic fruit grows to be a dense large tree often growing to the size of 80ft tall. Known to be an ever green tree, it grows fast and flowers through-out the year. The flowers borne by this tree have a peculiar smell to it and the smell is described like cheese to many people. The tree which known for its dense nature is often grown in residential areas and also in commercial landscape as it provides shade to the area and maintains a soothing effect.
One may not fail to notice that these trees are also often spotted on beaches and sea shores. This is because of the high tolerance of salt in the air. The trunks of these trees are used to make hammocks and are usually slightly more tall than broader. The branches tend to provide shade to the person resting on the hammock.

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Physical attributes of the tree

Having already mentioned about the dense nature of the tree, the trunk of the tree is strong and large with a width of 1-1.2 meters in diameter. Talking about the leaves of the false mastic fruit they are elongated in shape and have a glossy effect to it. This wavy edge leaf spots a dual tone; the upper half of the leaf has a bright green colour to it where as the bottom side of the leaf leaves a yellow tinge to it. Normally found in a clustered position at the end of the twig this leaf has the capability to remain green throughout the year.

The beauty of the flower comes from the flowers it bears. This tree bears flowers throughout the year with a constant on and off. These flowers grow to size of 2cm long and are yellow- orange in colour. As already mentioned about the distinct smell, these flowers smell like cheese.

Once pollinated these flowers are the ones that turns into a fruit with a sticky and gummy orange pulp. This fruit does not need any preservation and is usually eaten fresh off the tree.

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Method of Propagation

The word propagation means breeding when it comes to trees. This tree has the most natural method of propagation and that is through its seeds. The seeds should be scarified before germinating them and this will result in quicker germination of the seed.

Apart from being propagated for its delicious fruit this tree is also grown for its yellow orange heartwood. Once which was found in abundance this tree has been subjected to scarcity because of heavy deforestation. Government should take initiative before they become scarce to extinct.

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Uses of False Mastic

False mastic is a type of synthetic sealant used in various construction, automotive and other industrial applications. It is typically made from poly-vinyl acetate (PVA) and is designed to provide a strong and durable seal against water, air and other elements. False mastic is a versatile material that is easy to apply and can be used for many different tasks. False mastic is commonly used in construction, automotive and other industrial applications. In construction, false mastic is often used to seal joints in walls, around windows and doors, and to create a watertight seal between two surfaces. It is a preferred choice for sealing exterior surfaces due to its excellent flexibility and ability to remain sealed in extreme conditions. False mastic is also commonly applied around the perimeter of roofs to provide a durable and airtight seal, preventing water and air infiltration.

In automotive applications, false mastic is used to seal around windscreens, door frames, and other exposed areas. It is highly resistant to vibration and temperatures, making it an ideal choice for automotive use. Additionally, false mastic is also used to seal around exhaust systems, preventing the escape of dangerous gases. False mastic is also frequently used in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. It is often used to seal the edges of machinery, such as conveyor belts, to prevent dust and debris from entering the machinery and causing damage or inefficiency. False mastic is also used to seal around pumps, pipes, and other fixtures to prevent water and air infiltration. False mastic is a versatile material that can be used for many different applications. It is easy to apply, highly durable, and provides a long-lasting seal against water, air, and other elements. False mastic is an excellent choice for construction, automotive and industrial applications, providing a simple and effective solution to sealing and protecting surfaces.

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Harvesting of false mastic resin involves tapping the trunk and branches with an axe or a hammer, which causes the resin to exude from the tree. Care must be taken not to damage the tree as this will reduce its lifespan. The resin is collected in metal containers or jars, and the containers are checked daily for any new resin that has exuded from the tree. Once the resin has been collected, it can be used in a variety of ways. It is used to make incense, perfumes, and medicines. It is also an ingredient in many food products, including chewing gum and candy. It has a sweet, nutty flavor and is used to add flavor and aroma to many dishes.

False mastic resin is also an important ingredient in the production of mastic oil, which is used in cosmetics, perfumes, and aromatherapy. It is also used to make varnishes and paints. False mastic is an important tree species in the Mediterranean region and is harvested for its valuable resin. Care must be taken not to damage the tree during the harvesting process, and the resin must be handled with care to ensure it retains its quality. False mastic resin is a valuable product that is used in many industries.

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