"Fruit is definitely on the maintenance diet. It's on the lifestyle diet."

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Many fruits, including fleshy fruits like apples and mangos, and nuts like walnut, are commercially valuable as human food, eaten both fresh and made into jams, marmalade and other preserves for future consumption. Fruits are also found commonly in such manufactured foods as cookies, muffins, yogurt, ice cream, cakes, and many more.

Research has shown that eating good number of fruits reduces the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other diseases. Cancer, heart disease, and stroke are the three leading causes of death in this country. People who eat good and fresh fruits have a third of the risk of developing cancer as those who eat only 1-2 servings a day. In fact, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables could prevent more than 20 percent of cancer deaths each year.

The tips are provided to explain how to add more fruits to our diet which increases the health.

Add fresh or dried fruit along with breakfast cereals.
Add dried fruit to batters and dough for quick breads, muffins and cookies.
Replace the oil in baked goods with thick fruit purees, such as applesauce, mashed bananas or prunes.
Drink fruit juice.
Add grated raw apple to lean ground beef or turkey when making meatloaf or meatballs.
Make fruit sauces and toppings for desserts or pancakes.
Freeze fresh grapes and enjoy them instead of sugary iced treats.
Place a package of dried fruit in your car, purse, briefcase, backpack or lunchbox for a between-meal snack.
Carry two pieces of fruit with you to work area every day for lunch.Make it a goal to have fruit at each meal.
Enjoy fruit as a snack by keeping a variety ready to eat in the refrigerator or in a display bowl at all times.

Money Saving Tips

Certain healthy tips to save money and time while buying fresh fruits and also in preserving the fruits:

Buy fruits and vegetables in season or shop for fruits and vegetables on sale.
Use fresh fruits and vegetables first after shopping. Then use canned or frozen fruits and vegetables until the next grocery shopping trip.
Compare prices between fresh, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables. Buy whichever is cheaper.
Compare brands to find the cheapest price.
Buy bananas, peaches, pears, cantaloupe and tomatoes at different stages of ripeness. They will finish ripening at room temperature. Then they will be ready to eat at different times. You can include them in your meals over several days.

Do not refrigerate fresh tomatoes. Leave them on the counter until they are ready to eat. They should have a rich red color and be slightly soft.

Refrigerate ripe pears, peaches and cantaloupe so they stay fresh longer.

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