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Greengage fruit

            Scientific name - Prunus domestica

greengage fruit 1

Greengage fruit otherwise popularly referred as one of the typical varieties of plum is the native fruit of Europe. The fruit is typically round-oval shape and has smooth textured dark red appearance with pale green flesh. Each plum usually measures from 2- 4 cm in diameter. Greengages grow dense in temperate areas and possess a combined sweet and sour taste. It is a one seeded fruit.

greengage fruit 2

Name Amount
Energy 46 kcal
Carbohydrates 11.4 g
Sugars 9.9 g
Dietary fiber 1.4 g
Fat 0.28 g
Protein 0.70 g
Vitamin A 345 IU
Vitamin C 9.5 mg
Phosphorus 16 mg
Potassium 157 mg

Medicinal Uses of Greengage fruit
  • Improving body metabolism.
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