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Manoao Fruit

Introduction of Manoao Fruit

            Scientific name - Manoao colensoi

Manoao having its root in the family Podocarpaceae, it is a monotypic genus thatís widespread in New Zealand. Manoao Colensoi, with several regional names such as Manoao (Maori), silver pine, Westland pine or white silver pine, they are a good source of fine, upright and resilient timber. This slow-growing evergreen tree was classified in the genus Dacrydium or Lagarostrobos before 1996; however, it has been recognized as a distinct genus recently. Having said that some botanist still take care of it in Lagarostrobos on the root that it is not phylogenetically different from that genus. It grows upto a height ranging of 15 m (49 ft) in height and best thrives in shady and wet areas of New Zealand.

With three distinct growth stages defined by the foliage, flowering and fruiting happens throughout the year. As far as male and female cones are concerned, it transpires in abundance on either separate trees or the same tree. With 12-15 scales, the male cones are 5 mm long, while the female cones have 6-7 scales with 1-2 lush scales at the tip. As it gets ripe, the bluish black seed is open to the elements in a fleshy green cup formed by enlargement of the fruitful scale.

manoao fruit 2

Simply said, it has some resemblances to a young Kahikatea, but the yellow-green undergrowth shows a discrepancy from the bright green or blue-green of kahikatea. Exuding a slow but sure transition from narrow immature leaves to scale-like adult leaves, when the plant reaches semi-adult stage, the leaves appear to be smaller, flattened and sub falcate. Unlike other conifers, young silver pine can crop up as suckers from the roots of old trees. Coming to the adult tree, its leaves are 1-2.5 mm. long, thick, coriaceous, keeled and scale-like, with ultimate branchlets c. 1.5 mm in diameter. The silver pine tree during its younger stages will feature a cone-shaped tree, but later develops a tall, fairly spreading crown.

As aforesaid, they are a good source of timber and its yellow-white wood is believed to be used by European settlers for railway sleepers, telegraph poles and fence posts. Moreover, they are a good source of manool and manoyl oxide, two chemicals used in perfumes.

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manoao fruit 3

The plant is easily grown from seed, at the same time; they can also be grown from hardwood cuttings. Forbearing, a wide range of growing conditions, this slow growing tree prefers shady conditions and acidic soils.

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