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Strawberry Guava

Common Names - Cattley guava, Peruvian guava, Purple guava, Cherry guava, Chinese guava, Guayaba are some of the common names for Strawberry Guava.

Origin - Strawberry Guava is native to coastal areas of Eastern Brazil.

Scientific Name - Psidium littorale formerly known as Psidium cattleianum.

Appearance - Strawberry Guava appears to be dark red in color which tastes similar to strawberry. The pulp of the fruit will be juicy with a semi-transparent texture.

  1. Though the fruit haves a rich sweet flavour, it is used in the preparation of jams and jellies.

  2. Its leaves play a vital role during tea preparation.

  3. Its small whitish seeds are used as a substitute for coffee.

Strawberry Guavas are evergreen trees which grows up to maximum of 15-16ft, with wide spreading branches. The leaves grow up to 2 - 4 cm long and the fruit is about 2 inches in diameter with a dark red, purple, yellow or green in color. The skin of the fruit is also edible which tastes similar to rose petal.

How to eat? Strawberry Guavas can be eaten by cutting the fruit into half and scooping out the pulp. Go to Top

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