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Star Apple

Star apple also known as Apple star, Goldenleaf tree, Kayimit. It is an Evergreen. The tree is called as the Golden leaf tree.
Scientific nameChrysophyllum cainito
Family— Sapotaceae
Order— Ericales

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Star apple
The star fruit can be round, oblate or ellipsoid 5-10cm in diameter. It may be red-purple, dark-purple, or pale-green. It gives the feel of a rubber ball when in hand. The glossy, smooth, thin, leathery skin adheres tightly to the inner rind which, in purple fruits, is dark-purple and 1/4 to 1/2 in (6-12.5 mm) thick; in green and white fruits 1/8 to 3/16 in.(3-5 mm) thick. The pulp is sweet which surrounds the 6 to 11 gelatinous. The gelatinous are rubbery enclosing the seeds. When cut transversely, you can see the seeds arranged radially from the center. The fruit may have up to 10 flattened seeds which are oval and pointed. The seeds are hard about 2cm in length. Best fruits have around 3 seeds.

Scientific Name:Chrysophyllum cainito

Star apple tree— leaves
star apple tree The tree is erect with 8-30 m tall and has a short trunk of 1m thick. The leaves are evergreen, oval and simple with 2-6 inches long. The flowers are greenish yellow or purple white with 5-6 sepals and it has a sweet fragrant smell. The tree has a rapid growth and reaches 20m in height and also it is a self fertile tree.

Star apple varieties
Purple and Green are the common varieties.
purple star apple Purple star apples have a thick skin attached to a rind. The rind of this fruit is usually a dark purple color, and the pulp ranges from a light purplish color to white. The dark purple fruit is 6-12.5mm thick and have soft white milky sweet pulp.
Green star apple Green star apple has a thinner skin and rind. The rind and pulp of this fruit are both a milky white color. The leathery skin in green fruit is white and it is 3-5 mm thick with soft and sweet pulp.
Star apple nutritional information
The below table represents the nutritional information of star apple per 100gm of edible portion
Nutrition type gm
Protein 2.33
Carbohydrates 14.65
Water 73.23
Fiber 3.30
Calories 67.2
Vitamins mg
Riboflavin 0.04
thiamine 0.08
Niacin 1.340
Ascorbic acid 15.2
Vitamin b-6 0.200
Minerals mg
Iron 2.33
Calcium 14.65
phosphorous 73.23
Magnesium 3.30
Potassium 67.2

star fruit Star apple recipes

1. Star Apple Whip

Star Apple Whip Ingredients
  • 4 Starapples
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 cup of whipped cream


Scoop the pulp out of the Star Apple and the Oranges and remove the seeds. Mix with sugar in a blender. Add the cream and lightly mix. Serve in parfait glasses.

2. Creamy Sweety Star Apple

Creamy Sweety Star Apple Ingredients
  • 6 - pieces Star apple shopping list
  • 1 - cup all-purpose cream shopping list
  • 2 - tablespoons honey

  • Slice star apple and scoop meat
  • Whip all-purpose cream and honey. With icing decorator, decoratively squeeze mixture on top of star apple
  • Chill for an hour before serving
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