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Blood limes

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Blood limes are hybrid citrus fruit, a cross between the red finger lime and the Ellendale Mandarin.

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Scientific Name:Citrus Aurantifolia

Blood Lime fruit:

Blood Lime fruit The skin, flesh and juice of blood limes are blood red in color. It is an attractive fruit with a very acidic taste. The fruits are lime shaped, 20-30mm wide.

Juice squeezed from the fruit has a sharp, crisp and clean flavor with pH approx 3.4.

The blood limes flesh is unable to cut into segments, as ‘finger lime’. Since the citrus has vesicles breaking up when pressured.


  • The fruit can be as an attractive garnish for sweet and savory dishes.
  • The fruits are used in a range of value-added products likely marmalades, preserves, syrups, juices, beverages and sauces.


Blood Lime tree
  • The tree produces deep blood-red colored fruit, on an attractive, dense and upright shrub to small tree, 2m to 3 m high and 2m wide.

  • The leaves are oval shaped with approximately 25 to 35mm long by 15mm wide.

  • The trees have dark, glossy-green foliage and purple-red growth flushes.

  • Slender spines are present in the leaf axils which damage the fruit. The tree can also be planted as an ornamental tree.

  • The crop is carried on long weeping shoots, which covered later by a dense canopy growth.

  • Pruning and nutrition management may be necessary to reduce this growth. It helps to minimize fruit damage and make harvesting easier.

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