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Peach Fruit

Peaches are a native to China. The peach is a species belongs to the genus Prunus. Peaches are excellent source of fiber. The peach develops from a single ovary that ripens into a fleshy, juicy exterior, making up the edible part of the fruit, and a hard interior, called the stone or pit. Peaches can be red, pink, yellow, white, or a combination of those colors. Peaches are used in desserts and appetizers that provides perfect combination of flavor and nutrition.
  • First cultivation:Peaches were first cultivated in ancient China.
  • Introduction to Greece:Peaches were introduced in Greece around 322 B.C.
  • First grown in Georgia: Peaches were first grown in Georgia during the colonial period of the 1700s.
  • Peach State: After the Civil war, Georgia peach cultivators came up with new peach varieties and started commercial business and made Georgia a Peach State.
Peach fruit

Peach Classification


Yellow-Flesh Peaches

Yellow-flesh peaches have a pit, in the center of the flesh.
Taste The yellow flesh peaches are more Acidic tang than the white flesh peaches.
Season May - Sept
Mostly available Farm Market
Popular Varieties Reliance and Sweet Scarlet
Skin texture Skin color mostly red over a bright yellow ground color


White-Flesh Peaches

White-flesh peaches are very sweet with low acidity
Taste They taste sweet to less acidic and smoother with white flesh
Season May - Aug
Mostly available Western markets, in Asia
Popular Varieties Spring Snow and Sugar May
Skin texture Soft texture, creamy or yellow with red or pink color near the pit


Clingstone Peaches

Clingstone peaches have flesh that adheres to the pits.
Taste Sweeter and juicier
Season May - Aug
Mostly available Rarely found in the local market
Popular Varieties Santa Rosa and Red Beauty
Skin texture Soft texture, flesh is yellow and bright red near the pit.


Freestone Peaches

Freestone peaches have flesh that does not stick to the pits.
Taste Less juicy texture with sweet to slightly acidic taste
Season May - Oct
Mostly available Generally Available
Popular Varieties Glowhaven, Cresthaven, and Redhaven Peaches
Skin texture Creamy or yellow in color with varying ranges of red blush or mottling
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