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Illawarra Plum

Introduction of Illawarra Plum

            Scientific name - Podocarpus elatus

Prevalent to the east coast of Australia, in eastern New South Wales and eastern Queensland, Illawarra plum is known by several other names such as the Plum Pine, or the Brown Pine. With a trunk up to 1.5 m diameter, it is a species of Podocarpus. This medium-sized to large evergreen tree can grow upto 3036 m tall.

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Nutritional Value of Illawarra Plum

Total Fat  0.3g 0%
Saturated Fat  -1g -5%
Cholesterol  -1mg 0%
Sodium  -1mg 0%
Total Carb   37.8g 13%
Dietary Fiber  -1g 4%
Sugars  -1g
Protein  0.9g 2%
Vitamin A  -0% Vitamin C  18%
Calcium  -0% Iron   -6%

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Uses of Illawarra Plum

Timber of the tree is valued for furniture, joinery, boat planking, and lining and piles in salt water. Used in condiments, it is also an attractive ornamental tree. The thickest part of the seed cone is edible.

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Health Benefits of Illawarra Plum

Illawarra Plum 3

arrow It prevents from cancer .

arrowIt increases activity of histone deacetylase and decreases the proliferation of colon cancer cells.

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At any time of the year, the seeds can be sown, but with a sandy soil in a warm greenhouse; nevertheless it is best sown as soon as it is ripe.

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For the best cultivation, it prefers a rich and moist non-alkaline soil. Resists salt spray and grows best in areas with a damp climate.

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