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Granadilla fruit

            Scientific name - Passiflora ligularis

granadilla fruit 1

Granadilla otherwise referred as Sweet granadilla or Grenadia is native to mountain regions of Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia. The fruit measures 6.5-8 cm in length and has diameter ranging from 5.1- 7cm. The rind is hard and slippery which forms the outer shell, where seeds are embedded on a soft padding. The seeds are surrounded by gelatinous transparent pulp. The pulp possesses sweet taste and it is used as a flavoring agent in drinks. The fruit typically appears in orange and yellow color with small light markings.

granadilla fruit 2

Proteins 0.340-0.474g
Fat 1.50-3.18g
Crude fiber 3.2-5.6g
Calcium 5.6-13.7mg
Iron 0.58-1.56mg
Phosphorus 44.0-78.0mg
Vitamin B1 0.00-0.002mg
Vitamin B2 0.063-0.125mg
Vitamin B3 1.42-1.813mg
Vitamin C 10.8-28.1mg

Medicinal Uses of Sweet Granadilla fruit
  • Removes Cholesterol
  • Relieve from Nervous Problem
  • Controls High Blood Pressure
  • Prevent from Heart attack
granadilla fruit 3

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