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Jocote Fruit

Introduction of Jocote Fruit

            Scientific name - Spondias purpurea

Spondias purpurea belongs to the flowering plant species of cashew family, Anacardiaceae which is endemic to America. it is otherwise referred as Jocote, which got originated from the Nahuatl word xocotl, meaning "fruit." The tree grows up to 25 feet tall and possesses 7-23 leaflets, each leaflet measuring 35 cm long and 1.52 cm broad.

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Description of Jocote Fruit

The fruit is edible and appears typically oval in shape, each fruit measures 3-5 cm long and 2-3.5 cm broad. Jacote when gets ripened it turns to red color containing a single large seed. As the fruit is edible and contains many nutrients it is widely cultivated throughout the world including the Philippines and Nigeria.

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Nutritional Value of Jocote Fruit

Food Value per 100 g of Edible Portion*
Moisture 65.9-86.6 g
Protein 0.096-0.261 g
Fat 0.03-0.17 g
Fiber 0.2-0.6 g
Ash 0.47-1.13 g
Calcium 6.1-23.9 mg
Phosphorus 31.5-55.7 mg
Iron 0.09-1.22 mg
Carotene 0.004-0.089 mg
Thiamine 0.033-0.103 mg
Riboflavin 0.014-0.049 mg
Niacin 0.540-1.770 mg
Ascorbic Acid 26.4-73.0 mg
Amino Acids** (mg per g nitrogen [N = 6.25])
Lysine 316 mg
Methionine 178 mg
Threonine 219 mg
Tryptophan 57 mg

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Uses of Jocote Fruit

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The fruit when gets ripened it can be consumed with or without the skin. Sometimes it can be also eaten unripe with salt. The fruit is used as an important ingredient in one of the typical dishes of Salvadoran cuisine. The seed is generally ignored while making traditional cuisines.

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Health Benefits of Jocote Fruit

It contains high dietary fiber

The fruit is a good source of vitamin A and C

It is rich in phosphorus, iron and calcium

It helps prevent acid reflux.

Jocote Infographics

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