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Juniper berry

Introduction of Juniper berry

            Scientific name - Juniperus communis

Juniper is a kind of berry which actually is the modified female seed cone. It possesses distinct appearance of unusual fleshy and merged scales on its rind. The fruit often used as a spice in European cuisine due to its distinctive flavor. Most of the juniper berries even the ripened possess bitter taste.

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Characteristics of Juniper berry

Juniperus communis berries measure four to twelve millimeters in diameter. J. drupacea is considered as the largest species among the rest as it measures 20-28mm in size. The fruit is fleshy and has unified covering surrounding which is the complete distinct characteristic to that of typical pine cone. The berries when get ripened turn to purple black color from green and generally the mature berries are not used in traditional cuisines.

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Nutritional Value of Juniper berry

Nutritions Value
Protein 4%
Lipid 16%
Carbohydrate 46%
Fiber 34%
Ash dry weight

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Uses of Juniper berry

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Juniper berries helps to heal urinary problems and it is used as a combination with other herbs for eliminating excess water in the body. Dried juniper fruits are used in teas as it cures dyspepsia. The berries possess detoxifying properties and are used in the treatment of wounds, inflammatory diseases including gout and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, it helps to clear congestion and improves better breathing.

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Health benefits of Juniper berries

The juice of juniper berries is used for curing several diseases such as cystitis, intestinal infections, arthritis, circulatory problems, neuralgia, urinary tract disorders, edema, bladder and kidney disorders, gout, stomach ulcers, flatulence and indigestion, colds and asthma, sinusitis and other inflammations. The dosage of juniper berries should not be given beyond six weeks.

The oils that have been extracted from these berries are used for healing lung congestion and respiratory problems. The tars of the juniper berry are used to treat stubborn skin problems. The herbal extract is also used to stimulate menstruation in young girls.

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To Store and Prepare

The fruit has to be stored in a dry air tight container and needs to be preserved in a cool place generally away from direct sunlight.

Crush the berries for extracting its true flavor use pestle and mortar or press the fruit using back of a spoon placing it on a small bowl.

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