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Ground Plum fruit

ground plum 2 Introduction of Ground Plum fruit

            Scientific name - Astragalus crassicarpus

Ground plum fruit is a small, tart, and sweet fruit that is native to North America. The fruit is believed to have been used by Native American tribes for centuries for its medicinal properties and for food. It is a drupe, meaning that it has a single seed surrounded by a fleshy layer, and has a green-brown colored skin with white flesh. The fruit is about the size of a cherry tomato and has a unique flavor that can be described as a combination of tartness and sweetness.

ground plum 1

Ground plum is one of the typical varieties of seeded pods found native to central and western United States. The fruit is completely edible and it can be eaten raw, cooked or pickled. The unripe seed pods appear green in color with thick flesh that overall measure 25mm in diameter. Ground plum is also considered as a type of vegetable being cooked by some communities of Native Americans.

ground plum 2
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ground plum 2 Medicinal Uses of Ground Plum fruit

Medicinal Uses of Ground Plum
  • Cure Bleeding Wounds
  • Treat Sore Throat
  • Treatment for Bug Bites
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ground plum 2 Propagation of Ground Plum fruit

Ground plum fruit propagation is a propagation method used to create new plants with specific characteristics. It is a form of asexual reproduction which involves the cloning of plants from existing stock. Ground plum fruit propagation involves taking a cutting from a healthy parent plant and rooting it in a medium such as soil or a rooting hormone. This is done to produce a clone of the parent plant, which will share its traits and characteristics.

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ground plum 2Uses of Ground Plum fruit

Ground plums can also be used to make a variety of healthful beverages. The fruit can be blended with water and honey to make a refreshing summer drink. It can also be mashed and mixed with other fruits, such as apples, to make a nutrient-packed smoothie. Ground plums can also be dried and used to make tea and other herbal infusions.

Ground plum fruit can also be used to make wine, cordials, and other alcoholic beverages. The fruit is fermented and then mixed with other ingredients, such as sugar, to make a sweet and flavorful drink. Ground plums can also be used to make vinegar, which can be used to flavor salads, sauces, and other dishes.

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