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Keule fruit

Introduction of Keule fruit

            Scientific name - Gomortega keule

Gomortega keule- family of Gomortegaceae- the only representative of this family in the world is known by several other common names such as Queule, Keule, and Queuli. Endemic to Chile, the tree reaches a maximum height of 15m and a diameter of 60m.

With less visible characteristic nodules, it has trunk that's cylindrical and straight. In addition, it has an ashy gray outermost layers of stem i.e. the bark with shallow longitudinal split or crack and sometimes another, similar to the lingual cortex.

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Description of Keule fruit

With just about 34-45 millimeters (1.3-1.8 in) in diameter, the Gomortega keule produces a yellow fruit that's edible also sweet. It is mainly used in making a distinguishing marmalade. Coming to the fruits of Gomortega, they are as large as small hen's egg. Its yellow color invites one to eat them and is highly lustrous. Even though they are not very succulent, excess eating of the fruit will result in headache. While the nuts and pits of the fruit are hard as a stone, the fruit's pulp is sweet and pleasant. With different appearance of leaves, they are evergreen, simple, aromatic and dark green on the upper side and light beam at the bottom. Having a smooth edge they are oblong elliptical in shape.

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Following are the environmental conditions of this species with regards to the region of Chile: Habitat according to altitude: Coastal mountains, 500 - 2000 m. In the coastal mountains of central Chile, the plant is very rare in habitation; hence the remaining specimens are guarded with fence. They are well-suited to moist Mediterranean climates. It can withstand very short dry periods, usually not longer than a month or two. They grow at its best in humid areas with constant rainfalls, so this is with regards to its watering conditions.

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Light conditions

On the other hand, it requires some shadow and protection against direct sunlight, some shade from undergrowth, passing through a filter of about 20 - 40 % of light. In shadow- vertical slopes in front of south or vegetation cover which filters 40 - 80 % of light is preferable.

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Uses of Keule fruit

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The keule fruits are edible and have been used in making jams, also being used in desserts and baked fruit syrup. Unlike other fruits, they have nothing to do with the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. Large intake of Gomortega keule can stimulate a feeling of drunkenness.

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