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Naartjie Fruit

Introduction of Naartjie Fruit

            Scientific name - Citrus unshiu

The fruit possess sweet taste and it resembles much like mandarin orange. It is usually seedless having a thin, leathery outer rind with hugely secreted oil glands. The skin that covers the fruit can be easily peeled off and the inner flesh is very delicate to handle that cannot withstand any force or hand pressure. The taste also resembles much like an orange possessing both sweet and tart. The inner part can be divided into segments for easy consumption.

naartjie fruit 2

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Naartjie smell

Citrus fruits naturally carry a unique acidic odor. As Naartjie falls in citrus fruit category it leaves lingering smell in hand once peeled. The odor cannot be described as pleasant as the secretion of oily fluid is the cause for that acidic smell.

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Nutritional Value of Naartjie Fruit

Serving Size 70
Amount Per Serving
Calories 45
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.0 g 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 3 g 1 %
Protein 3.0 g 6 %

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Health Benefits of Naartjie Fruit

naartjie fruit 3

Naartjie has a capability of lightening dark spots and hyper pigmentation. It is highly inhibits the activity of tyrosinase an enzyme causing hyper pigmentation. Thus, on consuming the fruit regularly gives healthy and glowing skin.

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Naartjie infographics

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