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Rose-leaf Bramble

Introduction of Rose-leaf Bramble

            Scientific name - Rubus rosifolius

The Rubus rosifolius comes under the prickly herb category known to be a scrambler or even a sub shrub categorized plant. The leaves are found together and the leaflets have an egg like shape with ends which are broad the base are elliptical and the ends are narrow. The leaves contain prickles and the ends are sharp containing hairs with glands on either sides, The stem also has hairs containing prickles, the flowers are white in color found alone or in the branches , The flowers have 5 petals and also sepals having a length of 7-10 mm much more smaller than that of the flower’s petals. The pollination takes place through the insects in some honey bees (Apis mellifera L.).They produce large number of fruits and their flowers are hermaphrodite in nature. The fruit comes under the drupe classification with a slight orange tinge color with a length of 10-20 mm, the pulp is juicy the fruit easily comes out from the receptacle, they have moist content for the whole year and bears fruits for the entire year.

The leaves are generally compound in nature having sharp margins in the ends containing hairs with glands on either sides of the leaflets. The fruits length is measured to be 2 cm length wise, The leaves are always green and the ripening takes place in the starting of autumn in regions of Eastern Australia, the fruits have a sweet flavor only when they grow in a proper moisture containing soil. The fruits can be brought from the markets of Himalayas.

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Uses of Rose-leaf Bramble

The fruit can be consumed raw and has a sweet taste within it. Helps in the preparation of jams, pies and also preservatives. The leaves are used for the preparation of tea aiding in the treatment of menstruation, childbirth, flu and also the morning sickness. The plant can also be regenerated and reused within the native areas containing large disturbed sites in regions of Australia, the plants are used for ornamental purpose too. They are used as an excellent substitute for blackberry by the natives of Australia.

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Health Benefits of Rose-leaf Bramble

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The leaves are used as a medicine historically and in the preparation of a tea for curing the pains of menstruation, childbirth, flu and also the morning sickness too. The native Aboriginal people from Australia use the decoction from the leaves to solve diarrhea traditionally.

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