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Saguaro fruit

Introduction of Saguaro fruit

            Scientific name - Carnegiea gigantean

The plant is known to be arborescent which means it resembles a tree but not tree falling under the cactus category of plants inheriting from the Carnegiea genus. The plantís average height is 20m which is 70 ft. The fruits which are produced have a ruby red color with a length of 6-9cm and the fruit ripens only in the month of June. A single fruit has approximately 2000 seeds, the pulp is very fleshy and very sweet in taste. The fruits can be consumed raw and sold in the local markets. Harvesting cannot be done using hand but utilizing a pole known to be the saguaro rib with a length of 2-5 m at its edge one more pole is fitted.

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Nutritional Value of Saguaro fruit

Calories 167
Total Fat 5 g
Total Carbs 27 g
Protein 4 g

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Uses of Saguaro fruit

The fruits was a main source of food for the people of Papago and also for the Pima Indians, the method of fruit processing takes place which involves drying, fermenting, canning and finally stored all the year for usage. The seeds are good provider of fat that help in making flour and also for making porridges.The Papago Indians utilized the fruits for the purpose of trade and employed them in religious practices too. The woods which are very firm and have woody ribs majorly utilized as firewood, construction of houses and also fences. The plants can be used to decorate the gardens mainly in the desert gardens.

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Health Benefits of Saguaro fruit

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The Vitamin C contents helps in promoting the functions of the immune system thus preventing the cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and also solves health problems which occur during pregnancy.

The fruit has a lot of Vitamin B12 contents thus helping in the production of more blood cells and also nurtures the nervous system.

The fruit helps in the eradicating the disease of rheumatism

Saguaro is known for its high amount of fiber contents which frequently regulates the bowel movements and also aids in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

The Saguaro also has Anti aging properties within it thus preventing pre mature aging.

The fruits help in improvising the immune system.

Also the fruits aid in promoting the gums overall health.

Saguaro fruits help in enhancing the eyesight too.

Since the fruit is very nutritious it aids in combating the various complications of cardiovascular diseases and also the cholesterol blocked arteries.

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The fruits are also known to be bahidaj, after ripening the fruit has a pulp which is red in color similar to that of meat and also contains small seeds black in color which sums up to hundred. The harvesting takes place by either knocking the fruits or also pulling the fruits from the apex of the trees which are very tall. Traditionally the Tohono O'odham tribes follow a practice which involves keeping the first plucked fruit in the ground by positioning the red part of the fruit upwards to face the sun after the pulp is taken out which indicates that the moisture content from the fruit is taken up by the sun which in turn results in raining.

The wood taken out from the tree in the form of ribs help in the production of harvesting poles known to be the kukuipad, mostly the trees ribs are gathered in the months of April and May and stored every year. Inorder to make elongated poles two of the saguaro ribs are combined together or else kept together by grooving. A wooden bar which is produced from the segai is crossly attached correctly at an angle of 45 degrees at the apex of the pole. The finished poles are attached to the trees which are waiting for harvest.

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