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Salmonberry fruit

Introduction of Salmonberry fruit

            Scientific name - Rubus spectabilis

The salmonberries falls under the Rubus category of plants originating from the west coast of North America in the west central parts from Alaska to California, the plants are shrubs which has a height of 1-4 m whose stems comes under the perennial category rather than that of the biennial one making it distinct from other species, the stems have sharp prickles on them, their leaves with a length of 7-22 cm, leaflet in the end is bigger than that of the two others, the leaves are of trifoliate arrangement, ends of the leaves are found to be toothed, Talking about their flowers their diameter measures up to 2-3 cm, they contain five petals which are purple in their color, these flowers mostly bloom in the starting of spring till the starting of summer, the fruits are borne from the end of summer till the starting of autumn. The fruits have yellow color later changes to orange-red color big in size similar to that of the raspberries. The fruits length measures up to 1.5-2 cm having a sizeable amount of drupelets, these fruits grow in the rainy forests and also in the ends of streams mostly found in the forests surrounded by the seas.

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Nutritional Value of Salmonberry fruit

Amount Per 100 grams
Calories 47
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.3 g 0%
Sodium 14 mg 0%
Potassium 110 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 10 g 3%
Dietary fiber 1.9 g 7%
Sugar 3.7 g
Protein 0.8 g 1%
Vitamin A 9% Vitamin C 15%
Calcium 1% Iron 2%
Vitamin B-6 5% Magnesium 3%

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Uses of Salmonberry fruit

This fruit is an edible one

The salmonberries are used to add flavors to candies.

The fruits aid in the preparation of jams jellies in an easy way.

Also the fruits are involved to prepare wine and also many alcoholic drinks too.

The immature shoots are directly consumable also can be cooked similar to that of the asparagus.

The salmonberries sprouts helps in preparing dishes combined with salmon and also other fishes too.

The salmonberry trees leaves act as an excellent replacement for tea.

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Health Benefits of Salmonberry fruit

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A moist paste prepared from the leaves aid in the dressing of burns.

The decoction produced from the roots helps in solving the stomach based ailments.

Also the decoction aids in reducing the labor ailments.

The plants bark is made as a powder helps in healing the burns and also the soars.

The moist paste prepared with the help of the bark to soothe the tooth ache and also to heal wounds.

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The salmonberries plant sprouts out easily as a result of layering, basal sprouting, rhizomes, root cuttings and also hardwood cuttings. The smaller offshoots which sprout from the plant of the parent which is below four feet is applicable for transferring, the plants branches fall on the ground and sprouts separately which is removed from that plant and grown separately. The hardwood cuttings must have a diameter of 1-2.5cm and a length of 45 cm or even more having a maximum of three nodes in it. The roots are found in the end of a cutting or sometimes also in the nodes of leaf buds, the hardwood cuttings are kept for storage throughout winter amidst sawdust which is wet or else peat moss. Thus increasing the process of callusing and thus avoiding desiccation, Considering the other species, the rooting process can be improvised in all other species coming under Rubus with the help of a liquid rooting hormone and also enclosing the cuttings with wood shavings which are wet.

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The process of propagation with the help of seeds is very tedious; the berries which are completely ripened are gathered and added along with water which is minimum of five times the quantity of fruits. The resulting mixture is added to an electric blender or also a food processor and mixed slowly in a reduced speed level only for few seconds only at regular intervals only till the berries separate out.

Fully grown seed will come to the bottom and the immature ones along with the flesh will stay up floating, the liquid is discarded and the seeds are kept for drying in a cloth.

The germination process is more effective only when the process of warm stratification takes place for a duration of three months and then the process of cold stratification takes place additively for another three months similar to that of the usual cycles of summer and of winter.

Their seeds are evenly transferred through the bird droppings and also mammals through which the propagation takes place on a large scale than that of domestication however good the stratification may be. The gizzards which are found in the birds also some of the digestive enzymes from that of the mammals help in the opening of the hard seed coat and allow a quick germination to take place.

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