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Sea Grape Fruit

Introduction of Sea Grape

            Scientific name - Coccoloba uvifera

The Seagrapes grow in the tropical climatic conditions mainly grows in the coastal hammocks, coastal scrub, coastal grasslands and beach strands originating from the Argentina north, also found all over West Indies and also the Florida Keys till the Pinellas County of Gulf Coast also in the southern Volusia County from the Atlantic Coast of Florida, they do not grow up to its own normal height in the north ends of the range.

The fruits reign from the buckwheat family falling under the flowering plant category, the fruits are borne in the end of summer with a diameter of 2 cm which is 0.79 inches mainly in groups similar to that of the grapes in huge numbers. After ripening the fruits turn out to be in purple color. They are encompassed of big size cavity which is similar to that of a pit holds the maximum parts of the fruit, the fruit has an excellent taste, they are used in the preparation of jams and can be taken raw too.

sea grape 2

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Nutritional Value of Sea Grape

Vitamin A Retinol Equivalent 10g
Vitamin E Alpha Tocopherol 0.2mg
Vitamin K 35g
Vitamin B2 0.01mg
Folate 4g
Biotin 0.1g
Sodium 330mg
Potassium 39mg
Calcium 34mg
Magnesium 51mg
Phosphorus 10mg
Iron 0.8mg
Copper 0.01mg
Manganese 0.08mg
Iodine 80g
Total Dietary Fiber 0.8g
Sodium Chloride Equivalent 0.8g

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Uses of Sea Grape

The plants are used to form hedges and also grown in the streets of the cities coming under the coastal regions; these plants are best preferred for landscaping used by the natives of South Florida. They withstand salty air and also the salty soils also withstand high temperatures and powerful winds too. These plants act as barriers of wind near the coasts and also as hedges surrounding shopping centers and also the parking areas. The trees are providers of excellent shade which gives a resemblance of tropical area near to the sea.

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Health Benefits of Sea Grape

sea grape 3

These fruits aids in solving the complications of digestive problems, anti-inflammatory, skin lightening, the decoction made from leaves helps in curing asthma, hoarseness and also to clean the wounds. The juice and also the decoction made from wood, bark and also roots helps in curing dysentery, hemorrhages, venereal disease, external application helps in healing rashes and also skin based problems.

The Seagrapes helps in digestion and also helps in proper functioning of the liver.

These fruits help in reducing the overall glucose content present in the body.

Also helps in decreasing the cholesterol content in the body.

Helps in counterbalancing the blood pressure of the body.

They are the key elements of cosmetic production.

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Growing Sea Grapes

The Sea grapes can withstand drought, extreme heat, and also withstands the salty air and also salty soil, can survive in all types of climatic conditions in the coastal areas and also has the capability to grow in different kinds of soil. The plant is unaffected by diseases but sometimes likely to be affected by small ornamental destructions by pests namely the sea grape borer, some insects which eat leaves and also nipple gall. The plants which are grown indoors tend to be affected by houseplant pests which are widely known namely the mites and also the mealy bugs. The fruits drop is very difficult to clean.

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The fruit has its origin from the beaches and also the coasts of Argentina stretching up to the Central America, also in Florida and the West Indies, has the ability to grow naturally in hot climatic conditions. They are most preferred by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for landscapes, the plant hardiness zones are 9b to 11 which is applicable to grow in both shady regions and also in the regions where it is very hot. Mostly in the northern end of the range the plants are shrubs more than that of a tree in appearance, the plants can survive and grow in the midway of winds and also salty sprays.

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The propagation takes place easily and faster through the seeds and also have to be collected and cultivated immediately after the ripening takes place in the end of summer. Since the seeds are not inactive they dont need the pretreatment or scarification for the process of germination, the seeds must be properly taken out from the fruits and properly washed prior to the sowing process to avoid rotting and also mildew.

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