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Origin : Soncoya is native of Central America. It is quite common in coastal lowlands from southern Mexico to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. Soncoya has also been introduced into the Philippines and a few other Asian countries.

Botanical Name : Annona purpurea

Hardiness : Exact hardiness unknown, but not frost hardy.

Climate Suitable : Though this is a tropical fruit this requires a very warm and wet climate.

Uses : Can be eaten raw or can be made into juice. Extracts from the seeds are poisonous which are mostly used as an insecticide. Juice from the fruit is sometimes used as a remedy for fevers. Its inner bark is used for preparing teas, often to treat dysentery.

Description: Medium sized tree to 35ft. Fruits usually ripen towards late summer and early fall. A medium quality Annona, often grown in dooryards in its native range. The skin looks very hard. Soncoya is a tropical fruit which requires a hot and humid climate. Its maximum height is 1200 m.

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