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Hackberry Fruit

Introduction of Hackberry

            Scientific name - Celtis

Hackberry is a genus of deciduous tree that grows dense in warmer climatic conditions. It bears berry type of fruits and grown as a commercial plant in regions of southern Europe, southern and eastern Asia, and southern and central North America, and also in some parts of Africa. These berries appear tiny in size and have rich vitamin content.

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Characteristics of Hackberry

Hackberry fruit 2

Hackberries are dark purple colored fruit that measures inch in length. It grows in clusters and it is the largest tree in North Dakota which is 70feet tall. The fleshy edible part of the fruit is somewhat sweet and birds consume this fruit in a larger scale and tend to disperse its seeds along wider regions.

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Nutritional Value of Hackberry

Nutritional Value
Protein 3.4g of 100g
Phosphoric acid 38%
Mineral lime 6.27%

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Health Benefits of Hackberry

Hackberry fruit 3

arrowPrevent from diarrhea and dysentery

arrowCure colic

arrowHackberry used to treat venereal diseases

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