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Peumo Fruit

Introduction of Peumo Fruit

            Scientific name - Cryptocarya alba

Puemo has a scientific name Cryptocarya Alba, it comes under the evergreen tree family which can make it survive both in wet and dry climatic conditions, its height is 20 meters and 1 meter in diameter. They are found in the Chile and Argentina regions widely, it can reach up to 5000 ft from the sea level. The flowers grow in thicker bunches with a greenish yellow color and a length of 3-4 mm. They are green in color initially but later turn out to be red after ripening, Before consumption the fruits must be washed in hot water else would have an un plea Their fruits are known as Puemos with big seeds, making the process of germination very easier. The size is generally between 7 and 10 mm in length and breadth.

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Uses of Peumo Fruit

Fruits of puemo are edible, Their trees are used to make ornaments since the tree looks very appealing. The wood has a hard nature making it fit for leather tanning industry and their bark used to produce dying orange color, plants are used for fodder.

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Health Benefits of Peumo Fruit

These fruits are considered to have medicinal properties which provide rich source of vitamins and minerals to human body which in turn helps in boosting the immunity.

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Side Effects of Peumo Fruit

There are not any major side effects but may cause allergy to a few people, if there are any it is mandatory to consult the physician.

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Cultivation and Harvest

These plants have the ability to tolerate high temperatures even below -8 degrees, the flowering season is between November and January. Cultivation process is very easy. Every year up to two weeks it can withstand snow and survive.

The harvest is done by using hands only after they ripen.

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Peumo Interesting Facts

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There are few amazing facts about Puemo ;
Do you know the Puemo can survive very low temperatures , Even though the entire tree is covered by snow!
Cultivation of Puemo plant is very easy since their seeds undergo quick germination

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