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Cherimoya Fruit

Introduction of Cherimoya Fruit

            Scientific name - Annona cherimola

Cherimoya also spelled as cherimoya belongs to the Annona cherimola species. it is believed to have its roots in lands of Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia which was then later transported to the Andes and Central America by farmers and travelers on expeditionsnow its presence can be felt globally and Today, cherimoya is grown throughout South Asia,Central America, South America, California, Hawaii, southern Europe, East Africa, Kisii in particular and Northern Africa. Mark Twain a renowned author and humorist has marked Cherimoya as ''the most delicious fruit known to man''

The etymology of the fruit goes back to its place of orgination. the name originates from the Quechua (a native American language); word chirimuya, which means "cold seeds". This fruit gets its name because of the seeds and the place from where it is grown. The plant grows at high altitudes and the seeds will germinate at higher altitudes. And that's how Cherimoya got its name.

A deciduous or semi-evergreen shrub or small tree reaching 9 m (30 feet) tall, -Cherimoya has elongated leaves that are alternatively placed on the stem . The fruit is oval, often slightly oblate, 10-cms long. The flowers borne by this tree are produced in small clusters that appear in yellow and brown color with a purple base to it.

Cherimoya is the fruit borne by the tree that appears to be 20 cm long and 7-10 cm in diameter, with a smooth or slightly tuberculated skin. The flesh of cherimoya is white and creamy, and has plentiful dark brown seeds implanted in it. When the fruit begins to ripen, the skin is transcending to a greener shade. This fruit has many flavors to relate to while somedistinguish the fruit flavor as a blend of banana, pineapple, papaya, peach, and strawberry. One of the most popular ways of consuming this fruit is by refrigerating it and scooping it with a spoon with every bite. This popular way of eating this fruit has also earned it another nickname, the ice cream fruit.

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Nutritional Value of Cherimoya Fruit

Energy 75 Kcal 4%
Carbohydrates 17.71 g 13.5%
Protein 1.57 g 3%
Total Fat 0.68 g 3%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Dietary Fiber 3 g 8%
Folates 23 g 6%
Niacin 0.644 mg 4%
Pantothenic acid 0.345 mg 7%
Pyridoxine 0.257 mg 20%
Riboflavin 0.131 mg 10%
Thiamin 0.101 mg 8%
Vitamin A 5 IU <1%
Vitamin C 12.6 mg 21%

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Uses and Methods of Consumption

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Cherimoya is a delightful fruit and has won praises and fans across the globe, there are several ways to consume cherimoya. One of the most common method of eating it is right out of hand or scooped in by a spoon. This fruit is naturally so tasteful that it really needs no enhancement or flavoring. The Mexicans would like to add a few drops of lime juice to bring out the flavors of the fruit. This fruit is also seeded and added to fruit salads or used as a key ingredient for making sherbet or ice creams. The Colombians strain out the juice, add a slice of lemon and dilute with ice-water to make a refreshing soft drink. Apart from its edible nature this fruit is also sought after by many breweries and cellars as the fruit is fermented to produce an alcoholic beverage.

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Health benefits of Cherimoya Fruit

This sumptuous fruit has many health benefits attached to it. Making it a perfect blend of good food with great health. Cherimoya has Vitamin C which is very significant in healing of wounds and formation of cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It also helps in reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) and thereby increasing the good cholesterol (HDL) levels in the blood. Thus improving the blood flow in the heart, and eventually reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Absorption of cholesterol in the gut and causing the blood to thicken can be prevented by the Fiber present in cherimoya. It regulates GABA neuron chemical levels that helpsto get rid of stress and depression.

Parkinson's disease i.e a chronic disease that causes nervous disorders is a diseases most sighted in middle aged and elderly people, this disease can be prevented by the by Vitamin B6 present in Cherimoya.

The health and wellbeing of the digestive tract is also taken care of by Cherimoya. The Fiber is essential for keeping the digestive tract healthy and lowering the blood sugar levels is found in abundance in this fruit. It also adds bulk to the stool, relieving constipation.

The leaves and stems of cherimoya also help in treatment of cancer with the help of acetogenises present in the fruit.

This fruit becomes your skin's best friend as regular consumption of cherimoya can help delay signs of ageing like fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles. Apart from that it also helps to reverse the pigmentation caused due to free radicals as they act as anti-oxidants.

This exotic fruit is a mix of custard apple and banana when it comes to taste. This fruit is also a power house of energy and nutrients making it one of the most exciting fruit of the season. This fruit is available in various parts of America and California in the months of April to July.

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Cherimoya trees are grown in the tropics as they thrive only on higher altitudes and elevations. The elevations should be high enough to dodge the heat. Making cherimoya a tropical fruit. It thrives best in regions where the climate is relatively dry.

In places like the southern part of Guatemala, where the annual rainfall is about 50 inches but where there is a long dry season, makes it an ideal ground for the growth of Cherimoya similarly the northern part of the same country receives abundant rainfall nearing 100 inches annually, distributed throughout the year makes the soil unfavorable for the cherimoya's growth.

Fruits of the best quality belonging to this species are grown in dry and cold climatic regions. Such as In the highlands of Mexico, these lands are best suited where the climate is dry, free from extremes both of heat and cold, and where abundant water is available for irrigating the crops. Cherimoya can also be cultivated in the lands of southern California, where the weather is favorable. Except in a few regions that are subjected to severe frosts. In many places frost is the road block for its cultivation as for the cherimoya as even the hardest genus cannot survive below temperatures lower than 26 or 27 above zero without serious injury. the most affected of the lot are young plants that will be hurt by mild frosts which mature trees would survive through; As the matter of fact, temperatures lower than 29 or 30 are likely to injure them.

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