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Nageia Fruit

Introduction of Nageia Fruit

            Scientific name - Nageia nagi

Nageia belongs to Podocarpaceae family which generally includes evergreen shrubs and trees. The species grows from 1 to 54 meters in height and it is noted that Nageia is the only species of this family that tend to possess multi-veined leaves. The size of the leaves vary from 520 cm long and 26 cm broad.

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Habitat and Ecology

Nageia can be seen in both evergreen and deciduous forest. Mostly the species is seen in hilly areas that range about 200m to 1200 m a.s.l. the tree can grow healthy only in regions that have enough shade: Taxus chinensis, Cephalotaxus fortunei, Keteleeria fortunei, and Fokienia hodginsii are the most common that grows in this type of vegetation. In drier mountain areas Nageia tend to acquire its habitation by following the streams.

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Use and Trade

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Nageia nagi is considered as a valuable timber tree and it is used widely in China and Japan for making furniture. It is also grown as an ornamental tree in gardens, parks and sanctuaries. It is grown popular as a tree for bonsai cultivation. The species is found to be grown rare in Europe, USA and New Zealand.

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Cultivation details

The species grow well in slightly moderate temperature of about 20c and requires at least 4 months of hot humid summer. As the plant is found abundant in warmer regions it gives the clue of its better region of vegetation.

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There is no specific period for sowing the seeds. It can be done all round the year where one can expect early ripe if seeds are sown earlier. When the germination process begins, the seedlings can be moved to individual pots and grown for at least their first winter. July/August is the right time frame for cuttings as it grows to 5-10cm long.

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