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Pequi Fruit

Introduction of Pequi Fruit

            Scientific name - Caryocar brasiliense

The Pequi tree comes under the family of Caryocaracae .The leaves are palmate, hairy and hard with 3 leaflets, The tree is 10 meters in height and the bark is of 40 diameter. The flowers bloom generally in September and the harvest takes place from December to March, The fruits have a yellow pulp with spines on the outer end similar to that of a nut. Around 6,000 fruits are produced by an average fully grown tree, They are found only in hot climatic conditions majorly in Brazil.

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Nutritional Value of Pequi Fruit

Unsaturated Oleic acid 54%
Linoleic acid 17%
Saturated Palmitic acid 27%
Stearic acid 2%

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Uses of Pequi Fruit

The pulp has an extremely good aroma which added while cooking rice, chicken, fish, beans, ice creams and also a famous liquor. Cooking oil is also extracted and inedible kern oil extracted is used for making soap and cream. Pequi is known to be an aphrodisiac. The wood can produce a high quality charcoal.

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Cosmetic Use

Pequi oil contains a high amount of fatty acids which acts as a moisturizer for skin and also heals dry and cracked skin. Further a lot of soaps for handling the different skin conditions are produced using them. The oil also helps smoothen the hair and embeds a shine onto it.

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Health Benefits of Pequi Fruit

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The health benefits are importantly increasing the flow of blood thus the pressure gets reduced and problems like cholesterol clogging is solved, Also provides a glow to the skin and eradicates premature ageing, aids in solving skin diseases as eczema and skin lesions. Higher amount of fiber content puts an end to the bad cholesterol. It helps in solving abdominal disorders such as constipation, bloating, cramping and diarrhea. Another important application is that it helps improvise the vision.

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Interesting Facts

Being a provider of a number of applications, the fruit has some interesting facts added on to it,
The flavor of the Pequi fruit is adorably the best of all having a powerful flavor and taste!
Do you know what is the most important product which raises the economic development of Brazil?
It is none other than the Pequi oil!
One more added on fact is that people in Brazil consume more of Pequi fruits than their most world famous Brazil nuts!

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