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Queensland Ebony

Introduction of Queensland Ebony

            Scientific name - Diospyros humilis

Queensland Ebony with a scientific name Diospyros humilis is a tree majorly found in eastern Australia spread all over Queensland and furthermore in the Northern New South Wales and also the northern territory of Australia, The plant generally grows in the coastal regions, brigalow woodlands, semi-arid zones mainly in the vine scrubs, These trees also grow in the local regions were the fire is not that frequent. The tree is very small in size comes under the shrub category standing to be firm, shinny. The leaves are discolorous in which the top part of the leaf has one color and the bottom part with another color. Talking about their bark they seem to be dark, black in color and contains several layers, The leaves contain minute stripes which are pale brown in color , A fully mature tree has heartwood composed of multiple layers which are black in color, The leaf measures to be 1.5-4 cm in length and the size is small. The veins on the leaves are not visible when they are immature. Queensland Ebonyís fruit is oval in shape dark yellow in color but changes out to be orange after ripening, The fruit is ellipsoid in shape possessing a diameter of 5-10 mm with hairless skin surrounded with a cup like covering with 3 lobes.

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The soil which is preferable must be either sandy or rocky . The trees comes under the Cyprus family growing majorly in ironbark woodlands , The other places which they grow are sandy river banks, flood plains, places with grey silty soil, clay soil if they grow in Brigalow scrub,also in the Gidgee scrubs , flat red clay loam deposits and also on the vine thickets of steeper slopes.

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Cultivation Details

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The tree majorly grows in the tropical and subtropical climatic regions of Queensland.

They prefer a sunny place rather than shaded regions, the soil must be able to retain moisture, fertile in nature and perfectly drained one too.

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Uses of Queensland Ebony

The flowers produce a good amount of nectar that can be taken out by sucking or by washing it with water, The nectar is taken raw.

The wood seems to be light brown in their color , their inner part is dark mainly in the centre point, The wood is firm, heavy in weight and compact in nature. The wood is suitable to make furniture.

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The seed has a hard coating so it must be cut out before the process of germination so that it makes the process of germination very quick. The seeds must be soaked inside boiling water but be careful in seeing that it does not get cooked , The seeds must remain 12-24 hours soaked in water itself. At the mean time they absorb moisture within them and swells up, but if they donít swell up a small cut must be made in the seeds coating making sure the embryo doe not gets damaged, another 12 hours they are soaked before being sown.

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