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Fruits and vegetables are sources of many vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases. Some of these nutrients may also be found in other foods. Eating a balanced diet and making other lifestyle changes are key to maintaining your body's good health.

Fruits Season Chart By Month

Nutrients should come primarily from foods. Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain not only the vitamins and minerals that are often found in supplements, but also other naturally occurring substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases.

Apple Apple

Apples are one of the most widely grown tree fruits.There are over 100 varieties of apples grown in North America and there are around 7500 known cultivars.Read more

Nectarines Nectarines

They have a smooth skin and are believed to be crossbreed between peaches and plums. Nectarines differ from peaches and their sizes.Read more

Apricot fruit nutrition Apricots

Spanish explorers introduced the apricot to the New World, and they were planted in the gardens of Spanish. Apricot kernels contain an average of 21% proteins and 52% vegetable oils. Read more

Orange Oranges

Oranges have been popular since the ancient times for their multiple functions; the earliest recorded history of oranges was the poem "For Liu Jing-Wen" by Su Dong-Po in the Song Dynasty Read more

Tomato Tomato

Presently, tomatoes are one of the most famous vegetables eaten by Americans. Tomatoes are members of the fruit family, but they are served and prepared as a vegetable.
Read more

Bananas Bananas

Banana is not a fruit in reality, it is a herb and they are believed to be the firt fruit on earth. Bananas are good to avoid colorectal cancer and breast cancer. Read more

Peach Peaches

Peaches are a native to China. Peaches are enjoyed in desserts and appetizers with a perfect combination of flavor and nutrition. They are a good source of fiber. Read more

Pears Pears

Pears are a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. Pear juice is offered as the first juice to infants. They are good for allergy sufferers.Read more

Kiwis Kiwis

Kiwi fruit was first introduced to the UK in the 1970s. Since then it has become a popular fruit in the UK diet. A number of people have reported allergic reactions to kiwi fruit. Read more

Cantaloupe Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe are served as fresh fruit or as salads or as a dessert with ice cream or custard. This fruit has a refreshingly rich flavor and aroma and minimal number of calories. Read more

Pineapple Pineapples

The pineapple is a fruit native to the Asian tropics, with a delicate and fresh fragrance that's simply irresistible! t is a popular custom to decorate one's home or office with symbolsRead more

Cherries Cherries

Cherries red pigment is called anthocyanins, this pigment helps reduce pain and inflammation. Cherry also contain a high level of melatonin, is a substance that is important for the immune system. Read more

Clementine oranges-Cross between Mandarin orange and Orange Clementines

Clementine’s can survive eaten fresh, now peel, as they are, or additional to a salad fruit. They can excessively be eaten in creams, ice creams, flans, cakes, cocktails, sauces. Read more

Cucumber Cucumbers

The cucumber belongs to the genus Cucumis of which there are 20 to 25 species found mostly in Asia and Africa. Cucumbers are a good source of the antioxidant vitamins A and C as well as folate. Read more

Plums fruit Plums

Plums are the close relatives of peach and cherries.It has refreshing and tasty when eaten in hot summer.The young shoots have rusty hairs, and the shoots and stems exude white milky sap if cut.Read more

Pluots Pluots

Pluots are complex hybrid fruits that are part plum and part apricot in heritage. Pluots are an intensely flavored fruit. They are rich source of vitamins A and C, with very low fat content and are sodium and cholesterol free. Read more

Watermelon Watermelon

Watermelons are known for body energy because they contain B-vitamins, and high amounts of magnesium and potassium that are substantial energy providers.Watermelon contains more lycopeneRead more

Lemon Lemons

Lemons contain anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties. Citric acid is another important ingredient in lemon after vitamin C. Lemon contains more potassium than apple or grapes. Read more

Honeydew Honeydew melon

Honeydew is the sweetest melon among other melons when ripe. Contain potassium, this mineral helps keep your muscles from cramping. All genotypes had similar ascorbic acid levels.Read more

Grapes Grapes

Grapes are a quick source of blood and body builder.Grapes are very effective in overcoming constipation. Light and white grape juice replenishes the iron content present in the body and prevents fatigue.Read more


For some people, fortified foods or supplements can be helpful in getting the nutrients their bodies need. A fortified food contains a nutrient in an amount greater than what is typically found in that food.

Busy lives can benefit from food that's nutritious, yet easy to eat on-the-go, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of energy and give the body many nutrients you need to keep going.

Fruits and vegetables come in terrific colors and flavors, but their real beauty lies in what's inside. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of many vitamins, minerals and other natural substances that may help protect you from chronic diseases.

Strawberry is not a berry
Orangutans love mangoes
Apples have 25% air
Tomato is a fruit!
Banana-a cure for heartburn
200 seeds
Pumpkins and avocados are fruits
Dark green vegetables are more Vitamin C rich
Banana is not a fruit in reality.
Bananas are easily digestible
Cockroach repellent fruit
An apple tree can produce 400 apples a year
Bilberries improve night vision
Cherry seeds believed to have satanic power
Watermelon used to carry water
Worlds favorite fruit
Strawberries and cashews have seeds outside them
Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C
Oranges help fight anti-aging
Eating fruits avoids miscarriage
Eating fruits reduce the risk of diseases
Lemon is a good source of Vitamin C-Prevents Scurvy
7000 apples
Grapes do not ripen once plucked
Banana slip accidents in Britain
Quick ripening
 Lemons kill bacteria
Pear-wood is hard
Banana-the 1st fruit on earth
Apple stuck in Adam's throat
Cabbage-a water vegetable
Banana ripens quickly in brown paper bag
Peanut is the main Main component of nitroglycerine
Leaves of raspberry help to regulate menstrual cycles
Lime oil is useful to cool fevers
Durian is one of the world's biggest fruit
Avocado leaves are harmful to animals
Dried fruits contain more calories than fresh fruits
An apple is a very refreshing tonic for oily skin
Eating fresh figs during pregnancy helps from prolonged labor
Gibbons prefer to eat fruits twice a day
avocados are the world’s most nutritious fruit
Eating grapefruit protect from diabetes
Babaco is gorgeous torpedo shaped fruit
Sapodilla is a uniquely tasted fruit
Bilimbi fruit is more effective for several human ailments
Chempedak fruit is really not too big
Damson fruit is more effective to create fruit paste or cheese
The name pine-apple was the original name for a pine cone
Pineapples used in blood tests
Kiwis were once known as Chinese gooseberries
Eating an apple is a more reliable method of staying awake
Pineapples are berries, just like strawberries and blueberries
A half-cup of figs has as much calcium as a half-cup of milk
There are over 200 different known species of raspberries
There are seven varieties of avocados grown commercially in Texas
Blackberry juice was used to dye cloth navy blue and indigo
Black currant juice can be used to soothe sore throats and colds
Delicious oranges in the world are grown in Florida
Eggplants are actually fruits
An avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable!
Avocado has more fat content than any other fruit.
A single fruit is about 125 grams on average;
Bananas are allergic for some people.
Bilberry contains nutrients that are good for eyes.
Cherimoya seeds are poisonous
Clementines are popular in the winter months.
A durian is a large fruit with a powerful smell.
Huckleberries are well liked by lots of mammals
The jambul fruit leaves and bark are used for controlling blood pressure and gingivitis.
Lime oils are often used in perfumes
Lychee seeds are poisonous
Purple Mangosteen has to be grown in temperatures of above 40 °F (4 °C).
Grapes are the fruit of a woody grape vine.
Dirty cantaloupes can spread bacteria.
A watermelon contains 92% water.
Raisins are dried grapes.
Cupuacu pulp is also used in cosmetics products
An orange’s vitamin C content helps fight back assaults
Strawberries are the only fruit
A cucumber is a fruit
Grapefruit can actually react negatively
Red fruits help keep your heart strong.
Orange fruits help keep your eyes healthy.
Yellow fruits help keep you from getting sick.
Green fruits help make your bones and teeth strong.
Blue and purple fruits help your memory.

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Pineapple fruit is native to the Asian tropics, with a delicate and fresh fragrance   (Read more) »


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