"Fruit is definitely on the maintenance diet. It's on the lifestyle diet."

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A large oval fruit native to India and Malaysia that grows on a tree that is related to the breadfruit tree. It is one of the largest of all fruits grown with some of the specimens as large as 38 inches in length with a weight close to 95 pounds. Jackfruit is typically classified as being both soft-fleshed and crisp-fleshed (hard-fleshed). The soft-fleshed jackfruit provides a pulp that is sweet and juicy at the same time as the crisp-fleshed fruit is less sweet and is not as juicy.


A fruit native to China, which is much like a date in its appearance, flavor, and also texture, but is not related to the date. This fruit is very sweet with a high percentage of sugar. They store well and might keep for up to two months when stored in a cool dry place. They could be eaten fresh or dried and are also sold in pickled and candied forms. Jujubes are also known as Chinese dates.


Jambul trees start flowering from March to April. The flowers of jambul are aromatic and small, about five mm in diameter. The fruits are produced by May or June and resemble large berries. The fruit is rectangular, ovoid, starts green and turns pink to shining crimson black as it matures.

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