"Fruit is definitely on the maintenance diet. It's on the lifestyle diet."

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A popular fruit that grows on ground vines in a number of varieties of shapes and sizes, all round and fairly large. Watermelons could range in shape from round to elongated, weigh from 8 to 32 pounds and be filled with seeds or seedless. They have a thick rind that surrounds a range of the flesh colors from pink to dark red and yellow. Some of the common types of melons are all sweet, crimson sweet, iceboxes, jubilee, seedless, and even yellow flesh. The icebox melon is round in shape, weighs from 5 to 15 pounds, and contains a red or yellow flesh.

White sapote

White sapote is a pleasurable tasting fruit reminiscent of vanilla custard mixed with creamy banana and peaches. Although often called a white sapote it is not a member of the sapote relatives. The yellowy-green sensitive fruit has white flesh and is used mainly as a dessert fruit. White sapote plants variety grows from 15 to 20 ft up to 30 to 60 ft in height.

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