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Governorís Plum fruit

            Scientific name - Flacourtia indica

governor plum 1

Flacourtia indica popularly known as governorís plum, Batoko plum, and Indian plum is a fruit native to Africa and Asia that grows dense in tropical and temperate regions. The fruit has a fleshy enlarged receptacle and rigid central core containing 6 to 10 seeds. The pulp possess sweet acidic taste and used as a flavor ingredient in making jelly or jam. Its inner pulp is typically yellow or white in color, this specific portion can be fermented to make wine.

governor plum 2

Cal 94k
Protein (negligible) .5g
Fat .6g
Carb 24.2g
Fiber 1.2g
Calcium 33mg
Iron (3.8% RDI) .7mg
Phosphorous (>1% RDI) 17mg
Potassium (4.8% RDI) 171mg
Vitamin C (8.3% RDI) 5mg
Thiamine/B1 (negligible) .01mg
Riboflavin/B2 (negligible) .02mg
Niacin/B3 (2% RDI) .4mg
Vitamin A (negligible) 30iu

Medicinal Uses of Governorís Plum
  • Treatment for snakebite
  • Cures Cough, Pneumonia and Bacterial Throat Infection
  • Cure Diarrhea
governor plum 3

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