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Scientific Name:Citrus floridana

The fruit looks small, oval, greenish yellow. It doesn't have seeds or pips. Limequat is able to yield large quantities of fruit during its normal production cycle. The fruit has little calories.

Limequat is a citrus fruit which is a cross between lime and the kumquat. It is a small tree and has thick foliage that grows in bushy form and produces lots of fruit at a young age. It was used in many recipes as like that of a lemon and lime.
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Varieties of limequat

Eustis: lime crossed with round kumquat.
Lakeland: lime crossed with round kumquat, different seed from same hybrid parent as Eustis.
Tavares: lime crossed with oval kumquat, where the fruit is much larger and more elongated.
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How to care limequat tree

limequat tree
Choose a frost protection location to plant your citrus tree where the fruits must be preserved, if temperatures fall to freezing. Use quality potting soil and fertilizers and the citrus should be kept in a well drained container.

Planting instructions

limequat plant
Select a planting site large enough to allow the tree to reach its mature size. Dig a hole 2 times as large as the container, remove the pot. Keep the tree in hole and make sure the top of root ball is 3 inches below ground.

Watering instructions

Soak the soil completely and water once in a week. While the root ball expands, make water source several inches away in the second season. Citrus trees need to be watered regularly.
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1.Limequat jam

limequat jam
  • limequats
  • kumquats
  • orange
  • vanilla jam

How to prepare?

  • Wash kumquats and limequats under water and slice both kumquats & limequats thinly, and remove small seeds. Add slices, puree and juice into a pot.
  • While stirring, add the sugar and the vanilla bean to the pot and bring the mixture to get boil. As the mixture gets solidify, keep stirring to prevent sticking.
  • Pour boiling hot jam into jars. Cover and cool it for a few hours.
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