High milk, fruit prices keep food price rises high

India’s food price rises continued to stay high price and it was decision at 12.47 percent for the week ended at July 10 against 12.81 percent for the week before as prices of milk, fruits, condiments, spices, chicken, fish and all others are moved higher.

According to that data on the official extensive price index released by the commerce and the industry ministry Thursday, the sub-index for the food editorials rise 0.6 percent during the week, keeping the point-to-point price rises at double-digit levels.
The fresh data that comes against the backdrop of the government warning that prices of pulses are will remain at high given their huge demand and limited supply even that as headline price rises would effortlessness to 5-6 percent by December.


As distant pulses are concerned, their prices are going to be difficult,’ Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandrasekhar told that to reporters after dropping for two straight weeks, India’s annual food prices are rose to 12.81 percent for the week ended July 3, while the overall price rises stood at 10.55 percent in June.

Following are the rise and fall in prices of some main commodities that form the sub-index for food pieces over the past 52 weeks:

Cereals: 5.87 percent
Rice: 6.2 percent
Wheat: 5.81 percent
Pulses: 23.79 percent
Vegetables: (-)9.92 percent
Fruits: 10.02 percent
Milk: 17.33 percent

I hope that all average annual price rises will be moderate and the impact will be feel after the monsoon season is over, he said, adding that the government was seeking to bridge the opening in demand and supply of pulses, which have risen to around that four-five million tones.

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