Is it possible to convert the fruit wastes into energy?

Many industries were sold fruits to consumers around the world. But millions of fruits are being wasted and causing harmful problems to our environment. But no one is taking attention for this.

convert fruit wastes into energy

Steps to follow:

  • First degrade the fruit wastes of fruits like apples, oranges, lemons, limes and tomatoes by adding Pectinase and/or Cellulase to the fruit waste.
  • Incubate them in a mixture of enzyme and water. After 2 hours, measure the percent decrease from the original mass of the waste.
  • If there will be the change in concentration of the enzyme, then the length of incubation would decrease the amount of fruit waste.
  • Pectinase was the most resourceful enzyme to degrade the fruit waste. It had an average of 53.6% decrease from the waste’s original mass. Cellulose had an average of 26.4% decrease from the original mass.
  • Pectinase and Cellulose helps to degrade a higher percentage of the fruit waste were as the length of time and the amount of concentration of the enzyme increased.
  • At last large amounts of fruit waste can be degraded using Pectinase. While the minimized waste can be converted into ethanol by attacking the cellulose using enzymes to make sugar and to ferment those sugars and converts it into ethanol.
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