Eating Fruits in right time makes your body fit

fruitsFruits are an essential source of  fiber and vitamins,fruit dyes (phyto chemicals) as an antioxidant. But still many people don’t know when to eat fruit.Fruits act as a tool for detoxification and provides natural sugar.Eat 3 servings of fruit each day that helps in cleansing your body of toxins.

If you do not have a stomach problem, then eat fruit before a meal. This helps in absorption of nutrients from the fruits more easily.For people who want to lose weight, eat fruit before meals.For people who had gastritis or ulcer,should eat fruit after meals so as not to increase stomach acid.
Here are some tips on the correct way to eat fruit :
  1. Consuming fruits on an empty stomach will make the absorption by the body to a maximum fruit.
  2. After intake of fruits, give a grace period of 30 minutes before you eat other foods.
  3. If you take fruit after a meal, then you should wait about 3 hours before eating fruit.
  4. Eat fruit in the morning. This helps to increase blood sugar slowly .
  5. Not to eat the fruit along with other foods
  6. Eating fruit as a dessert won’t give the better results for your body
  7. Avoid canned fruit, frozen fruit or fruit that has been processed. These normally contain much sugar, preservatives or other chemical additives
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