Fragrance Testing Technology and How It Creates an Impact on Brand Image

Fragrance plays an important role in lives of people all around the world. Without fragrance the world would have seemed incomplete. Good or bad, the aroma emanated from an animate or inanimate object determines the characteristics of it. Over the years it has become evident how wearing perfumes signifies the fundamental aspect of beauty and sophistication. When given for testing a consumer will hardly be able to decipher in exactness, the product in consideration. This happens due to complex composition of a product. It is true that fragrance testing by bare nose will hardly reflect on the actual essence or composition of a matter. Whether a particular fragrant pleases the senses of an individual or repels him/her highly depends on respective tastes.
With their own nose and an array of experiences, perfumers can actually tell whether a fragrant smells good and complies with a concept. Considering the fact that consumers don’t perceive fragrance in smilar way fragrant detectors do, fragrance testing entails a special procedure. The detectors even examine fragrances to understand whether a particular aroma can stimulate a purchasing interest among consumers or not.

The main objective of fragrance testing
Perfumers are basically provided a tool to assess the development of an aroma from a consumer’s perspective. These fragrant analysts are particularly provided a selection of scents from which they need to identify.

The researching process is quite a comprehensive one entailing step by step methods that assure results. Following are the steps for fragrance detecting:
•    Producing a reference frame
•    Establishing differences
•    Honing individual profiles

The steps are mostly supported by verbal concepts, mood boards, pack shots and different kinds of visuals. The assessment needs to be descriptive and should be completely based on relevant data, information and appearance.

The analysis helps establish the following:
•    Which fragrances are appropriate and which do not comply with the basic requirement
•    Which fragrances are preferred and which fail to grab attention
•    The point of weakness for not being well accepted
•    Fragrance mapping revealing potential aspects of scents

Since it has become evident that fragrance is the acceptability determining factor of a commodity or product, the role of frangrance mapping has gained recognition in the modern society. This new age technology helps determine a product’s consumer acceptability. The different roles played by fragrances have been mentioned below:
•    Masking unpleasant odour
•    Offering a pleasing smell
•    Reinforcing brand positioning and image

Therefore perfume selection plays a pivotal role in the acceptance of a product regionally as well as globally. Furthermore, it can also be said that fragrance technology is a pivotal aspect in product development. The better it is accepted in the society the better it is known. Fragrance notes are available in multitude. Thus it is apparent that selecting only a single note from a sea of options can become a time consuming and tedious task. Over and over again it has been proven that fragrance testing entails the supply of statistically sound data and information which have been scientifically analysed.


Its impact
The process of fragrance mapping is conducted by specialists who are enabled with the skill and knowledge to define and categorise the best fragrance perceived by them. This however creates a long term impact on the product in consideration. Today, there are several sensory profiling service providers assisting individuals and commercial entities with fragrance mapping solutions. The panel of trained professionals are dedicated to offering clients with the best of results. Through their skilful approach they actually provide a detailed overview of products and changes occurring to them on being examined. Maximising sales and creating brand awareness are two of the main aspects of fragrance testing.
Author-bio: John Paul Realey has been a student of science and technology as these two subjects interest him the most. The author is a profound writer penning write-ups on different science and technology based topics. Through his contents he wants to reflect on ongoing topics.

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