Making Pancakes In A Healthy Way

There are many who love the simplicity of pancakes. Indeed, this is one of the simplest recipes that one can start with when they are learning how to cook. Many children find it easy to follow the simple measurements of flour, milk and eggs that need to be whisked to make pancakes in their simplest form. There are other ways of making pancakes but these are the basic ingredients which remain the same though sometimes they are replaced with others.

Making Pancakes
When it comes to opskrift pandekager, these can be varied. Many people would vouch for a little baking powder to be added to the flour as it is whisked. That gives it an airy composition which is translated into the puffy and light feel of the pancakes. The egg needs to be whisked well to add to the lightness while the milk is needed to make the constituency of the flour just right for the pancakes. In such ways the pancakes can be made simply and yet they will turn out delicious. One needs to add a little sugar to the mix and then use maple syrup for the classic taste and filling on the pancake. This traditional recipe has changed a lot in recent times. You will find many interesting pancake recipes here.

Making Them Healthier
The most popular ones are the use of organic or whole wheat flour in the pancakes. White flour based items are frowned upon b fitness enthusiasts. For them, a healthier version is the use of whole wheat flour or even oats in the making of pancakes. Then comes the use of eggs. It is better and healthier to use free range eggs and fresh milk for the making of pancakes. That makes the meal healthier as a whole due to the inclusion of healthy, unprocessed ingredients.

When the pancake needs to be fried, it can be done with a little amount of oil on a non stick pan. That makes the pancakes less greasy and with less fat content. Many people who are fitness enthusiasts look for such variations in the pancake recipe to make it healthier. There are many variations of pancake mixes with healthy ingredients marketed by reliable retail brands. Find one such brand at superbest. This brand markets all over the Danish market and you will find interesting recipes in their online database as well.

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